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You know those moments your are so exhausted you just feel drunk?

Well that is exactly how I am feeling at the moment of pushing these letters on my celular phone. You see even my arms can not barely hold up a cel phone. The option of writing on a computer—forget-about-it!

When I am this exhausted I am either overwhelmingly mellow or super silly, yup the same effect as if I were drunk!

Who is to blame? For one, having to deal with not just one but two super hyperactive, attention grabbers.

This little one just ate the cake today! You see I decided to run some errands with her and the idea was to get her some treats from a pretty popular pet store in the United States.

It was her first time going with me and in her almost three years of life she has rarely even gone out (for her safety).

She starts off by wanting a walk right before the cab is almost to arrive. Then she makes it impossible to place her inside her carrier (she’s not used to that) and kept sticking her head out. The cab driver quickly gets impatient and presses the horn.

Once inside the cab ‘Ms Royalty’ decides to growl at the driver and continues to try to fight her way out of the carrier. Here I am trying to sneak her into my place through the back and a male neighbor approaches! Oh the horror! Had to explain to the neighbor I need to get something from my place and run with her to get some food and this is her first time coming around and I was trying to make this quick and not obvious. To our horror another tenant was inside the elevator, my neighbor said, “rush inside with her,” at which point I did as to avoid the dog to bark again (the guard was standing in front of the building within walking distance). The neighbor asked, “will you be staying with her tonight at your place?” I quickly replied, oh no sir, she would give herself away with the barking. The neighbor parted ways since he lives on the upper level.

Princess, my dog, well the family dog actually, once inside my home, goes wild! It was her first time ever and she gets impatient wanting out of the carrier. Once out she runs around the entire place like a mad woman. Well okay, like a crazy dog.

She jumped on the furniture, not once but several times.

She starts sniffing the entire premises even running into my bedroom and not once but twice jumps over my bed!

Who’s dog is this?! I am stunned to say the very least.

She is behaving so wild and complaining the entire time I had to literally start running to do what I needed to do (and shoot out of my balcony once more the pigeons that like to filthy it up daily, there’s no end in sight when there are at least eight of them!). I ran out as if someone was chasing me.

Once out she is once more fidgety and starts whining. I try to make a quick escape before the nosey guard notices. I ran through the back doors and ran to the front gates.

Once we made it to the inside of the pet shop I grabbed some dog cookies and treats, she received lots of attention but I warned those whose attention she was grabbing to be cautious, she’s cute but with a temper (Typical chihuahua right?). I also let them know it’s her first time out to the store and inside a carrier.

Once more she’s fighting with me to let her out, more whining.

Gotta run to the nearby Popeye’s grab some grub for my home bound Mother. Princess once more gets antsy and more impatient, I decide to let her get a break so we stand outside the fast food joint to let her stretch all the while with her leash. To say I am hungry and exhausted at this point is a huge understatement. However, I am patient with the doggie since she is not used to being out nor around those parts. We stay there for a little while before heading inside the restaurant. A little girl of about at least ten try’s to approach the dog but Princess wasn’t having it, the girl was a stranger, Princess perceived her as a threat and barked startling the girl. The girl got terrified. But I had quickly told the girl and her Mom to keep their distance that the dog is not used to strangers. The Mother understood and I tried to explain to the girl to not be afraid not all dogs are scary.

So cute dogs can terrify who would have known. Princess was not done, a man cut in front of us out of nowhere, Princess saw that as an immediate threat and went for the attack! Good thing the man was wearing sandals with socks! Okay, admittedly I normally would be abhorrent at such an ugly thing as sandals with socks in a hot Caribbean Sunday. However, this one time I was grateful and relieved the older man was wearing that. The man was not even startled at what the dog did he jumped out of her way and inside the restaurant he went to eat as if nothing. All the while I was in shock.

I finally managed to get Princess back into the carrier and inside the restaurant once inside I warned people to keep their distance from the cute little vicious monster inside the carrier that wants out. As fast as I could I ordered and ran out with my dog.

Once again Princess wanted out, so more whining and trying to break free. I ran in the streets and into Walgreens to grab some needed items for my Mother (she’s a diabetic). Ran through that store as well. Once out more whining from the dog so I let her stretch again but this time she was not allowing me at all to place her back into her carrier. I ended up holding her (terrifyingly) through the entire way.

I am now super exhausted, in super pain all the way to my neck and Princess, the dog, once freed from the chain goes wild for a few seconds inside my Mother’s home and falls asleep almost in the entrance! I could no longer walk or stand. I still can not.

Going to grab my arnica balm to place throughout my entire back when I manage to be able to remove myself from my Mother’s couch.

Here’s my little tormentor asleep on my sandals. I am sure someone changed this dog for another today. Thought April fools day was over months ago. :/

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oh gosh Nikki , every word you said makes me feel your fatigue and exhaustion , but surely allnworth it for your cutie adorable puppy. you deserve a well rest, yummy food cold drinks 😁

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LOL!!! Running to your home for all that! Wait for meeeeee!!!

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Los doggies son asi, locos y siempre estan emocionados ajajaja


A mi me encanta, pero este día me mato!!!!

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