ULOG# 2: Lataban Trekking

4년 전

Captivating the immense beauty of nature and breathing in to morning air. For once a while, we need to pamper ourselves with the green sceneries. Embracing through nature somewhat clinches our inner peace.


Summer's best time to go out, campings, swimmings and a lot of stuffs outdoor. Despite of my very hectic schedule, i managed to atleast enjoy the summer solstice. Me and my cousins went trekking in Lataban, Liluan, Cebu. That was atmost 15-minute drive from the main road in Bajac, Liluan. When we got to their barangay hall, we we're accompanied by one of their locals to their so-called "mini-falls" in Lataban.

We went trekking from their barangay to the place for about 45-60 mins. We were in awe as we passed by a river to a scenery where the mountain, sea and the sky met. It was different. It was different from the usual uzzing of horns in the city from the chirping of birds, the fresh smell of green leaves, and the beauty of nature.

It was nice to walk with nature at this beauty. The road was so calm.

At almost sunset, I was mesmerized by this silhouette . Behind this tree is the scenery of the mountain, sea and the sky met.

The face of my sister struggling to go down. hahaha, But the climb was worth the struggle.

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