Create Handcrafts Out Of "Quotes By @surpassinggoogle" Quote #1

3년 전

Hello to all friends of the community #ULOG @surpassinggoogle and @samic. This is my first entry to these contests, after seeing my beloved wife doing this challenge, I asked her what was she doing? and he told me about this and nothing, encourage me to participate. As I love coffee #coffeelover I wanted to do something with this material, both with roasted beans, and with coffee already ground. But then a question arose, how do I put my name and the #ULOG label? that's why I'm encouraged to draw (although I'm not very good at this) a coffee pot and a cup of coffee, which I think harmonizes very well with the materials I use.

I hope you like it! Meanwhile I take advantage of preparing a rich cup of coffee, hehe, do not hesitate to leave your comment and support with your vote, without more to mention for today I want to invite you to participate in this challenge, so I leave the link below, happy and blessed everyone!


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Very very nice, and complete.
Thank you very much for participating.

I wait for you in the next activity
We will continue using and the ulog-surpassinggoogle editor:


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Oh thank you very much @samic, it was very fun to participate, I will be waiting to participate in the second entry of the contest, happy and blessed day!

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