User Error, and Other Annoying Things (Ulog No. 46)


"Errare humanum est" the saying goes.

That's Latin for to err is human.

It's one of those things that have mysteriously stuck with me ever since Latin class with Padre Jacinto when I was in school in Spain, during my teenage years.

But this isn't about memories of school...

Winter sunset...

Those Were Some Good Photos, too....

Earlier today, I was offloading photos from my camera, putting them into the appropriate folders on my computer: Personal, various eBay accounts, Social media and so forth.

In the middle of that "something happened" (aka an interruption) because it pretty much always does, and I went away for a while.

Then I came back to continue the process... and proceeded (it appears) to delete a bunch of photos from an event Mrs. Denmarkguy and I attended right before Halloween. A bunch of photos I felt certain I had already transferred, because they were quite old.

Makes sense, right?

Silly me, for not double checking! Just because I happened to for once leave a bunch of images on my memory card did not mean that I had forgotten to delete them... so now that entire even is gone, photographically speaking.

That was the "human error" for the day.

Lavender and bee

Perfection is an Illusion!

I suppose we'd all like to think that we can live without making mistakes; and when stupid things like this happen... we cast about for something outside ourselves — or someone, perhaps — to point fingers at, and blame.

Truth is, most of us a pretty imperfect human beings. I know I certainly am... and in this case, there's nothing/nobody to blame but my own failure to double check and pay attention.

Thankfully, I have a few back-up images on my phone... because it was a bit dark in the room, and my phone takes better pictures in low light than my camera. Still, I feel pretty stupid and annoyed with myself.

Unreasonable? Maybe so... after all, I haven't made that particular mistake in more than ten years.

And it will probably be a good long while before I make it again!

(Another #creativecoin creative non-fiction post)

What's the last really stupid and careless "user error" YOU have made? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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"What's the last really stupid and careless "user error" YOU have made?"

On a very recent trip I tied a yellow ribbon on my suitcase handle as usual so that I coud recognize my bag quickly amidst all the others at the luggage pickup area of the airport. Since I have more than one suitcase, of different colors and styles, I tend to just look for a yellow ribbon on a handle. When I am tired from the flight and a long day I don't notice anything else, even the color of the suitcase I am grabbing.

Anyway, I grabbed a suitcase with a yellow ribboned handle and jumped in a taxi to the city. I booked into my hotel room and then went to unpack my suitcas. To my horrot, there was a lock on it that I didn't recognize. And a name tag of someone else, not me :-)

Getting out of that situation cost me to send this wrong suitcase to another city at my expense, and then go back to the airport to pck up my own - a very expensive little lack of awareness. Hopefully the cost suffered will mean that I am much more aware from now on in similar situations.

Ugh, brings up bad memories of my fake SD card reaching it's actual 4gb capacity despite having an 8gb sticker and sly ability to trick the phone into also believing this deception. The problem is when you go over 4gb the card becomes corrupted and unreadable. After much research I had essentially given up on retrieving the first 2 years of my Malaysian life but still kept the SD card in case I ever found a wizard. At first I was mad as hell at humanity then I realised I should have been using drop box or the like, even dumping onto FB would have been fine.

Fast forward to last week when I checked the irresponsible place in my backpack I was keeping the card and alas it was gone. Probably shuffled itself out somewhere in a hotel room in a after my last adventure.. Not just one event, but many, including candid shots of my family visiting for my wedding, first arrival overseas and the subsequent trips all over SE Asia.

There is just so much space for that human error to reveal it's ugly head and so little space for perfection..

In a, philosophical sense though everyday I step out of the shower and air dry my stuff in front of the fan I realise in errorem Dei in its myriad of ways. Only one of which is an inability or refusal to make my junk feel as fresh and free as it is after a fan drying and powdering.. There's tons of room for improvement in all of creation is all I'm saying. Even if one is an atheist surely they can fault evolution for not answering the call of chaffing..

Human error, well that is life!

A find like this is a hidden gem lighting up all over again @denmarkguy both memorable photos to enjoy.

@tipu curate


I've been there and done that! I think we all have. I now have three separate copies of everything I need, even if it is in "the cloud", because "the cloud" cannot account for me accidentally deleting something.

I still have an old laptop and desktop computer that I refuse to let my boyfriend clear out and reconfigure because I'm so afraid I haven't backed up something I might need. I don't think I've opened up the laptop in almost two years, and it's been at least 6 months on the desktop. 😂

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