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I goes by the name Edward Joshua but the call me #edeejosh and my founded company name is 8Dee Innovative, I am an incredible innovative guy who spends much time researching and testing what is true, I believe that nothing is impossible without God and as such I strongly rely on God for creativity.


  1. I was more left like a fig tree that no one dares to pick but Ulogs pick me up and gave me a new name and identity.

  2. I was Zero but #surpassinggoogle made me to be a Hero.

  3. I was a mediocre but #surpassinggoogle made me to be a Meteoric.

  4. I was blind on #Steemit but Ulogs by #surpassinggoogle gave me sight and now I can see clearly.

  5. I was counted out but #surpassinggoogle made me to be counted on.

  6. I was nothing but #surpassinggoogle made me to be something useful to the global world.

For such I can now answer the call of Ulogs Celebrity because I can smile even when I have no money on my account for Ulogs knowledge has given me wealth that no one can take it away from me.


I listen.

I am ready.

I am flexible.

I am reliable.

I am innovative.

I work fast.

I work smart.

I am always improving.


We cannot go back to make a new beginning on Steemit but we can now join Ulogs Celebrity and make an amazing and brand new ending, the process of getting certified is very easy, just complete the five steps via https://busy.org/@surpassinggoogle/why-get-some-teardrops-tokens-now-one-token-across-three-steem-based-interfaces-modeled-to-mine-the-human-namely-ulogs-org the time is now and we should not delay, lets us rewind and reverse the future to the point we want on #Steemit, let us be fully present in the moments we want on Ulogs, let us have access to resources we deserve as we become Ulogs Celebrity. I love you all.


We all have people we look up to them as Heroes just as @surpassinggoogle who is always part of Steemit solution, Lets support #ULOG, be a #ULOGGER today

Thank You

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Be yourself and stay yourself
Lets build Steemit together

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