My Ulog #4: Family moments

4년 전

Hello friends of Steemit, today I want to share with you one of the most wonderful moments that we can have people living in this modern world, where relate to the social environment is essential for our development and coexistence in community, in this case I mean the birthdays



In particular, I love birthdays. I am one of those who make a countdown of 10 days in advance of my birthday, telling my family and friends do not forget that there is a reason to celebrate as a family, and this is what we do, despite the economic crisis that affects to all Venezuelans, we can make the effort to share a cake for any of us who celebrate birthday, and it is just this small celebration, which strengthens the bonds between us, that is why I adore and keep with such affection such a memory because even Despite the differences that always exist in the family, we see that in the union we are stronger, more optimistic, more cheerful, there is nothing like sharing as a family, so it is an advantage to enjoy my birthday and be more motivated to face the remains , goals, dreams in one more year of life, which starts from that moment.

My mom and me


My cousin


My friends


The typical affection


My stormy cousin


Consuming the act

Life is one there is to be enjoyed, with everything and the obstacles that we can face, always with the optimism of seeing forward

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alors j’espère que c’était un merveilleux anniversaire,bon anniversaire.