ULog#25: Just Keep Swimming

5개월 전

         Well, time keeps on flying by. Last time, I mentioned about spring cleaning and spending time with family. I am still around the blockchain, but not as active on the blogging part. This is evident by the number of posts I have pushed out in the last month or two.

         To be fair, Steem is starting to feel like a drag for me. I may post a @dPoll about it. The question remains, what is my threshold before becoming disgusted by the platform? It makes sense that folks like @steevc chose to focus on other stuff for now.

         Anyhow, I should get a move on with this post.

In Life


         The one thing I like about the mountains is that I get to see sceneries like the photo above. To elaborate, that is the moon rising from the mountains as the sun sets. It is rather unique to me.

         While not the focus of the shot, the snow can be another unique view later in the year. The snow on the top of mountains, in fact, may even be present throughout the summer.

         Life is peachy for the most part. I am still on top of my goals. Although, sometimes I have the urges for cheat days, but I try to stay focused on what I want to do. You know what they say, no news is usually good news.

In Steem

         Consider the amount of time @steemseph and I spend with @steemflagrewards, I need a new time sink on Steem. The current plan is to try out @nextcolony and see how I like it. I actually have never played a game like that before, so we shall see how I like it.

         I heard that it is similar to @steemnova. Well, I do not plan on spending money any time soon. It will be me dipping my toes into this genre. Who knows? It might even become addictive.

         I have not made the goal to post more often this year. Part of me feels that I should. I still purchase Steem here and there, but content creation has become less and less of a priority over time.

         I should consider becoming a dolphin by the end of the year. After that, I am not sure if I want to spend any more money until I see this place go somewhere. I am certain @kabir88 would agree with me on that front.

         Until next time, stay well!

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You have to find things that bring you joy. I did get that from SFR by being part of a community that wants to make things better even whilst getting abuse from certain people. I just needed a change for a while and I'm still having fun. Wishing you all the best


Hence trying out Next Colony.

I agree that steem has started to feel more like an obligation than a joy. I find myself trying to 'fit it in' to my busy schedule, but I typically just get through it as quickly as I can. I'm not sure what it would take to make me want to spend more time here, but I bet if I was seeing a more significant return on my time investment I'd spend a lot more.



And that's a fair stance to take.

Nobody wants to spend hours here when it's more productive elsewhere. It gets funnier when "tryhards" invest enormous amount of time to grind for Steem when they can just work an extra shift and use the extra wage to buy more Steem, as needed.

All that in less time and effort too!


You know, I haven't brought myself to invest any dollars in steem just yet. I was considering it a while back, but it's just been so low and there is so much crypto flooding the market.


About half of my stake here is bought. I'm just cruising along before I feel like I'm at a spot where l will stop buying and just power up and cash out with the earnings from whatever I do.


Can you buy steem directly where you are? Here I have to buy a different crypto first, then use that currency to purchase steem.

What a lovely view i wish i had views like that where i live haha xx


It has its perks.

Weather is a bit unstable in the spring and fall times.

Development with ulogs has been slow but i am hoping that in due time ulogging can stir the fire again.

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Thanks for dropping by and the tokens.

You keep doing you, man.


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Keep on Swimming! :)


That’s about all you can do in life sometimes.

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