ULog#26: Getting in the Groove Again

4개월 전

         Summer is fast approaching. The weather should finally stabilize here in the mountains. The snowmelt waterways are again open and the crisp, cold, water flows through them.

         There is not much to talk about in life except I will be in a perpetual game of "preparing for the next holiday". This month will be Mother's Day and Memorial Day. This pattern will continue to the end of the year.

         If you have seen Endgame, the new Avengers movie, it is time for you to meet the "Infinity Chancla".

You can find it on some Dorkly post.

         This thing was a riot on some of the Hispanic Discord servers where I spend part of my time. And you thought Thanos was bad.

         I have been rather sluggish on Steem since late February. I used to be a lot more active on the platform. I guess there is a point where everyone feels a bit fed up with the platform.

         The other day, I mentioned on my Musing post that there is not much socializing around the blockchain. Well, I was not entirely correct. It was a pleasant surprise to see the amount of interaction over at Dpoll.

         You have to give @emrebeyler the credit for creating this seemingly simple application. Send him a witness vote if you could.

         Back to activities on the chain, @lordbutterfly decided to encourage me to post more. In a twist of irony, this piece of advice came from Whaleshares.


         Crazy, right? I would like to find the time and desire to write again. The biggest hurdle will be taking the first step one more time. I will get there one way or another.

         In the meantime, enjoy the drama! It is the only thing of value that is not in short supply around here.

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Thanks for the mention.


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Lol @ the Infinity Chancla. My grandma used to throw those damn things.

Yeah, I would like to pick up my posting as well. Just been having a hard time finding motivation and inspiration presently.

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Maintaining @steemflagrewards takes a lot of time and brain juice. Thanks for doing what you do to create compensation.
Don’t forget, abusers can wait.
Drama coins can wait.
Stress is a killer.


You are the one to talk. You are overworked as it is.


I think most of us are pretty fed up with Steem by this point.

Yes! dpoll is... uh what’s that word again? Umm... fuct... no no no!!!!


Dpoll is healthy for Steem and FUN!

You're right, friend ... the hardest step is when you start for the first time. I think you should continue to write on this blog, friend ... Enter your boredom ... and enjoy your day.

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