ULog #21: Welcome to 2019!


All the sudden, it's 2019!

In Life:

         I have not been posting on the blockchain because it was more fun spending time with family. I hope most of you spent time doing something more productive than grinding on Steem. Unless, you were one of those people who insisted on your relatives to FOMO in crypto last year. Well, sucks to be you.

         For me, it was a great time to catch up with friends and family. I have slept better than I had the entire year. Of course, this did come with a downside. Extended period in an enclosed space did lead to me catching a bug near the end of the holidays.

         It is unfortunate that I will have to spend the next week working while under the weather. It also does not help me stay focused on my New Year's resolutions, which is to do more exercise and tone my body again. Let us not go into the number of errands that requires completion by the end of the month.


In Steem:

         I do not care, to be honest. I have less and less drive to deal with anything on this blockchain. I came on board in March 2018 in hopes of a different type of social platform. All I find is a barely functional dystopia with an incompetent development group.

         I do not even feel like discussing about the insiders who feel like they have found some secret garden. A secret garden that they could carry out their deepest and darkest fantasies. It makes sense since most people came for the money anyhow.

         It is evident that a place cannot operate on complete decentralization. Centralization is by the degrees. There will always be centralizing forces in a space. It is what makes a system more efficient. Unfortunately, too many people like to use decentralization as an excuse to be asses. Like I said before, Steem is a place to act out their inner darkness. You can do no evil because of "decentralization" and "code is law".

         Well, so much for the idea of me acting as if I were on Reddit, but more productive due to some monetary compensation. By this point, it is more likely that I will ride it out and see what happens.

         Remember "fluffy-nomics": always buy at least $100 of every scam.

         It is a joke, but you get my drift.

PS - Experimenting with some @dclick stuff. Do not judge.

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  ·  작년

Hppy New Year!
I am still posting because I got nothing to do... haha


As long as you are okay with it.

I feel just the same about steemit my friend.
And I am happy you did have a great time with your family instead of spending it for Steem blockchain I joined last January and now I don't feel like it was the best decision in my life))


Glad to see you back!

Well, don't take Steem too seriously unless you are planning on going full-time on it.


As always good advice, thanks man!

I have been here for a years (minus 2 weeks) but I feel like I have so much fun, still have so much time for family and friends too... maybe because i came here to cure my old habit of blogging while never found the good one after multiply.com closed.

Glad to know that you're having a good time outside steemit 😉 and happy new year to you.. some people really enjoy steemit especially to show their arts and writing skill.


It is refreshing to read that there are people who still enjoy this place.

In the heat of summer I send you greetings for the new year ahead!

Never take too much time away from family and friends, staying productive where and when able.

Life is a crazy roller coaster ride, might as well sit back and enjoy it.

Remember "fluffy-nomics": always buy at least $100 of every scam.


I have never lived on the side of the planet where it's summer during New Year's.

I agree with your sentiments.

  ·  작년

Happy New Year my friend @enforcer48. Hope your 2019 more better from 2018. God bless you


And you as well.

  ·  작년

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