#ulog 01: My recent travel experience in Singapore

4년 전

Good day Steemians!

I have read @surpassinggoggle's post about #ulogs and it inspires me to share my daily adventures in life.

Just this week, I had the chance to visit Singapore. Though, it wasn't my first time to travel abroad, this was my first trip in Singapore. They say that Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world and I can attest to that. The city is covered with lush green plants and trees surround most of the areas. The cars and vehicles emit no smoke at all. They have also a good railway system. Thus, traffic congestion is not an issue there. Communicating with the locals is not a problem because most Singaporeans know how to speak English. Singaporeans are composed of Chinese, Indians, and Malays so expect a bunch of Chinese restaurants, Indian stalls and Malaysian inspired markets around the city.

These are some of the photos during my trip in Singapore. Have fun!

Marina Bay Sands

Merlion Statue in Merlion Park

Singapore Flyer at Night

Gardens by the Bay

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Welcome to Singapore. Hope you enjoyed your stay here.


Thank you my friend! I love your country!

I always wanted to go there. haha soon
Choya sir oi! Ni check in ka sa hotel dra sir?

Very clean country
Enjoy and have fun...

What a wonderful experience ... I’ll go there soon!

you really had your great travel. I see that you are enjoying your life. Travelling and see the wonderful creation of God.