freewrite with too many things to write

2년 전


It's strange.. I really feel like writing lately and think okay - now is the time to get back into blogging.. But every time I start.. Nothing comes out.. Even in my art posts I can't seem to get many words in.. I don't really know what is "wrong" (or if it is even wrong, trying not to push myself into what is "right" anyway..).

I feel somehow there are just too many things that I haven't shared, so many things going on inside and outside that I just don't know where to start.

So that's why I decided to do a little freewrite which is not supposed to cover anything.. and thereby maybe cover a bit of everything.. maybe not..!

Hmm.. No I don't even feel like coming with some status update.. It just doesn't feel right for some reason...

I think I am going through a big transition... I thought it was about to "be over", but maybe it's just still going on. And I can't really seem to put words on it, maybe because I am too much in it..

I met myself.. My inner Goddess.. But I am still trying to get to know her.. And still she is very distant, though I know she is near.

I wish I could be a part of everything. Of steemit community, of the parent community on my island.. friends, family.. And the amazing thing is that I am! All of these communities always welcome me with open arms and give so much. I feel so blessed lately, but at the same time, I feel outside.

I had strong calls to dive into myself lately, be a hermit. I think it's maybe just a long strong journey of self reflection and understanding that I am on. So I am not able to give as much to the communities as I wish I could.

But I guess time and space are spirals and circles and I will be able to give again one day. Until then I am so grateful that you are all here, giving so much of yourselves every day.

Thank you.
See you again on the other side and a little in between :)


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Do you, the rest comes naturally.
-love and light

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I think you have so much going on and have been so much energy into your land etc as well as being a mum, that you want to hold onto what is left. Spreading yourself out can be exhausting and you need to look after you. I have been loving your art, you give what you can on here, that is enough right now., you have given so much of yourself already to other things. Sending you love from the Alpujarras xxxx

Always good to hear from you and Hey! We can only be where we are and with what we've got before we can move on. Seems like you are in a transitional period and i do appreciate you touching base. I think about you often and all you have going on!
Be well and happy! And Yes! We'll see you on the other side!

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