Introducing Our Newest Addition - Beauty!


Hello Everyone! :D

We are pleased to introduce to you the surprise that awaited us when we went out to do this morning’s chores…Beauty. :D She is Belle’s calf, not Princesses, we’re still waiting for Princess to introduce us to her calf. :D Here’s Beauty checking out her new home. :D

Beauty hanging out in the “birthing stall” with her mom Belle while her mom refuels with some hay. :D

Belle covered Beauty in straw and hay to help warm her up. :D

I didn’t like how much she was shivering, so my handsome husband brought Beauty inside and laid her by the wood stove to help her dry off and warm up. :D

Our beautiful grand-puppy Mya helping clean Beauty. :D

Mya guarding over Beauty while she naps in front of the wood stove. :D
Here’s a short video of Beauty sleeping by the wood stove. :D

Anyone else interested in a badge like this? Contact @daddykirbs for a custom badge of your own. :D Thank you to @zainenn for the GHSC footer as well. :D
(All photos taken by me or for me by my handsome husband on my Huawei P30 Lite.)

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Aw, that's so sweet! I love babies of all kinds.

Thanks for sharing.

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Welcome back lovely lady! :D Thanks for visiting. :D

Me too, they are always so cute and watching them learning to walk makes me smile at their adorableness. :D

My pleasure, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing her as much as we did. :D

God bless you. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

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Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, reading my post, and making a comment. :D

I'm glad you liked it enough to share and up vote it. :D Thank you very much! :D

God bless you and your community. :D Have an awesome day! :D

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Thank you very much! :D