ULOG (10) - Hold The Fort!!!!

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ULOG (10) - Hold The Fort!!!!

Today the boys @kiedisbowes and @alivefoxdeadfox asked me to help them construct a fort. They recently watched a video of some dudes building forts and got all jacked up on Mountain Dew Chip! So I agreed of course since I love forts as well.

Getting things setup


It’s a pretty decently sized room with a sloped ceiling. I let the boys take turns using the hammer to fasten things on the walls. It’s really good skills for them to learn at this age. Hand eye coordination is a great skill to develop.

Still gutting the room. Can we start yet?


We made sure to design the fort in such a way that we would have three separate rooms. The first room when you enter the fort would be what the boys call “The Library”. This is the room they are going to setup all of their books and a couple of chairs for reading.

@Kiedisbowes building the Library.


@alivefoxdeadfox helping to furnish the Library.191D4B56-D43E-44BD-A710-8C9ECECB1A6A.jpeg

Next we started to construct a room which Kiedis could sleep in. The boys love sleeping in the forts. Stryder likes to hammer nails into the walls the most so I had him doing that part. Kiedis was busy safety pinning a couple of areas where we joined two sheets together.

Stryder building a bedroom for Kiedis.


Finally, last but not least we built Stryder a sleeping quarters. It’s getting harder and harder to take pictures now that we’re stuck inside the last room of the fort.

Stryder’s bedroom


It’s literally impossible for me to get a picture of the entire fort. I wish I could capture it somehow it’s actually pretty amazing. I had a wonderful time with the boys this afternoon building this fort.

Here’s a picture of the front of the fort.


Now maybe we made some type of Labyrinth or Narnia or something and when you climb through that opening David Bowie is sitting in a rocking chair chair holding Toby. I’m glad I don’t have to sleep in there lol. It was a blast to become 7/8 years old again though!

Love you all

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These kids are amazing. Kids can learn a lot while playing. These kids are very creative.

I always loved building forts as a kid.. good memories were made today

Well I don't really have to comment since you heard me laughing my ass off from the other room but still...great post babe!

A great way to spend time with the boys, building forts and memories!

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Playing with kids reduces HBP. Lol.

The fort looks warm and cozy.

I am laughing, and smiling all over. I loved forts. Mostly I made them outside in the woods, or in the snow. Ocassionaly in someones tiny apt or basement. What really makes me smile is the awesome forts you kids made. I do remember serving hot chocolate and popcorn in one such snow fort. I remember one made of lots of wood and leaves, and of course I cannot forget the ones made out of cardboard boxes and couches and blankets. Great memories and great way to spend the day. !!!!xx Completely more fun than my day. What my day taught me is how little control we really have of anything at all. xx

Now I want to build a fort too! There were some big giant cardboard boxes at work. I might have to see if I can take them home. We could make some cool forts with those

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