Ulog #20 -- Another Hot And Sunny Day in GenSUN ๐ŸŒž

3๋…„ ์ „

Hello everyone'! Good evening :) Today we really have a very hot weather. And everyone's reminded to drink lots of water to avoid heat stroke. And what makes it more hot is that just yesterday my grandfather cut down there coconut tree which was a big help in giving off fresh air. He cut it down because they were afraid that the coconut tree will be down when a strong wind will pass just like what happen to our neighbouring town wherein the trees was extracted from the ground. It leads to several damages when the tree accidentally falls down to some houses.


But of course before cutting the coconut tree my grandfather make sure to it that their will be a new tree to replace the one that he cut. The new coconut tree was planted just around 5 centimeters away from the previous spot of the tree that he'd cut.

Our dogs, Jaguar and Loki on the other hand enjoys the coconut leaves scattered on the floor and decided to play there for a while.

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