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Hello everybody,

As a Crochetist - crochet artist, YARNS are our happiness!...I captured these colourful yarns the other day when I passed by a modiste store in Manalili, Cebu City...

Thanks for passing by...
Manifesting: "I AM NOW LIVING IN ABUNDANCE IN EVERY AREAS OF MY LIFE" be it, so it is...

Grateful always to @mers and @ otom for sharing to me the goodness of this platform, Steemit...

In deep appreciation to @surpassinggoogle the Father of ULOG thus creating ULOGGERS spreading "ULOGISM" on worldwide web...

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I used to do this way way back.. but i got super lazy and i stopped hahahaha.. i think i made a pen holder and that was just it..

I was more into the cross-stitching.. i grew tired too hahaha..

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You try again @maquemali what is your fb account so I can add you to our crochet GC...

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Lots of colorful yarn.

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