Good-bye Philippines Hello Hokkaido Japan #Ulog

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karenabsin (43) in ulog • 12 minutes ago
Good-bye Philippines

A month ago I went back to Philippines packed with hope, eagerness to be back home again, planning all the vacations I went together with my family . Today, it's an another goodbye my home town for a moment and see you again after 2 years.

Everything's done and I need to be ready to be far again with my family with a great purpose.



Everthing's set and ready for another set of experiences outside the country .

I left my county with an assurance that I have a family waiting for my comeback soon.


Tears fell and somethings telling me to stay but I can't , My heart whispers me and said stay but I can't . I just can't because I know my sacrifice can give better, much comfortable, and brighter future for my family. So, better go for them than stay for nothing.


Sometimes we have to choose practicality for our responsibility . As a bread winner in the family , it's my job to give them the future that I want for them. Even how painful it is to leave it's still worth it if it's for the families good.



It's great to be back . Welcome to Hokkaido Japan

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You look beautiful.
Have a happy journey to japan


thank-you soo much :)

I hope, I will able to go there one day.


soon , in God's perfect time. :)