ULOG 011 : About Me And Promo-steemrural Community

3년 전

I'm a #promo-steemrural community founder who wants to talk about the programs we've run.
Previously We have collected some SBDs to fill STEEM POWER to community accounts @promo-steemrural.
Currently @promo-steemrural already has 2356 STEEM POWER, And Many People accept the benefit of our program, we provide Support to all steemians who join our Discord, And for Members who have collected SBD for our delegates to include them into VIP members.
Now VIP member is 28 members, we give 85% Daily Upvote from @promo-steemrural account And followed by all Delegate members ( except, @steem-ambassador [ @khusairi , @suheri ,@herryazmi11 and @milagros ] ).



We also give Upvote to all the steemians who have joined our Discord, After choosing @vesteem as a witness, everyone will receive Upvote from account @promo-steemrural And from witness @vesteem account.
But after this program runs a week I see a little problem.
Daily @promo-steemrural community account gives 85% upvote to 28 Posts And 3% upvote to everyone within 24 hours, This Makes voting power Depleted.
I have to control this to keep the voting power of the @promo-steemrural account.



What matters to me is, What action should I do,?
What choice do I have,?

  • I can reduce Upvote percentage to Delegate member, 85% to 50%. But upvote value 50% of @promo-steemrural account Very little because STEEM POWER owned is not enough.
    And This Action Make Delegate members complain because the upvote value is small.

  • The second action is Delegate STEEM POWER /Rent STEEM POWER to community account @promo-steemrural but I do not have STEEM / SBD.
    I need a long time to collect SBD / STEEM.

Because of the Problem We're Facing Here I am a leader Must control this issue to keep the community afloat.
I have to find a way out.

If you like And support what I do Here then, you can help me delegate some STEEM POWER you have.
Click to Delegate 10SP , 20SP , 30SP , 40SP , 50SP or 100SP
Click on any number you want to support And Help our program And Help our community continue to survive And thrive.

unnamed (5).jpg

We are a community that supports many of the Steemians, hopefully we get support from many parties Here, Special whale.
Please take note of us, we need your help Here to support our growing community Become a great community.



Founder Promo-steemrural



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You might consider an application to @roelandp's Soliciting Power: https://solicitingpower.com/#listview you will want to think about the "Unique Selling Points" of your projects as there are a number of projects on there which have not succeeded in receiving delegation.


@cryptocurator thanks for your recommendation, i will try it now.
Regards #promo-steem

You will have to consider the Maths - but it sounds like you will have to gradually reduce the 85%....so you can preserve the voting power...... you could always do the reduction of the 85% at the same time as when the Steem Power increases so that no one feels the real impact.


@cryptocurator I strongly agree, gradually the percentage of upvote given should be reduced to keep the voting power stable.
Now we have delayed our publicly shared upvote for a while.
when voting Power get to Normal we Will re-open our channel #upvote on Discord promo-steemrural to the public

Siap...moga ke depan foto lon na dalam kawanan nyan @khusairi


@mulawarman pasti , eunteuk Akan ta update Nyan 😍

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I love this! I feel very happy to be part of you! and I hope to continue contributing to our growth!

Sangat bermanfaat
Sukses selalu adun long.


@muslemtumin21 terimakasih ateuh dukungan Dan komentar.
Amien 😀


Mantap beurayek bertus brader hehe



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Good job

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@amrizal.amd thank you my friend.

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Sukses selalu untuk rural dan bisa terus membantu steemians baru.


Amien , semoga Ada yang Membantu Kegiatan Kita untuk Membantu semua ikan kecil berenang disamudera luas Steemit.

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semoga ini menjadi kebanggaan tersendiri buat kita semua anggota promo-steemrural.semoga ke depan kita akan lebih berjaya dari pada ini @khusairi


Amien , saat ini akun promo-steemrural sudah bertambah 90 Steem power.
Dari saya 40sp , @andestra 40sp Dan @darniyuscivil 10sp.


Salam sukses.

Great post, I liked to be part of steemrural, thank you !!