Ulog#37: Jah Turns 27 - Simple Celebration!

3년 전

Blessed to see another year to spend and to live with my loved ones.



08.11.1991 - 11:30PM. The day the queen was born and the cry spreads wide, people around is simply smiling like they are in the heaven. And that day, the start of my journey on Earth. I don't know if I would be happy that I live my life to this world or simply because how terrible life would be turning into. Yes! I am that lucky that I got my Mama and Papa together, I can be with my cousins too that became my friends and turned out to be my protector along the way. As part of the normal world, things that ups and downs, surely to experienced. Emotions take place and getting mature as the day passed by and now, I am getting ready to come into middle adulthood level, still, I am not that mature to take everything. Processes are there and I know, things will come to me slowly and experience will be my mentor along the way. Though I had enough I think but I know in this level, still, I can learn more. My age is still on the calendar but my experience is old enough to handle. I don't regret it either.


Yesterday was the busiest day this month and I never expected that it would ever happen again. I am planning that I just want to stroll around the city yesterday and went with the whole family or those who want to come with us. But what I planned is too different from what I had expected to happen. My boyfriend Jayson went to our home early before my birthday, it's 08.10.2018, to ask me to come with him to do the groceries for the birthday celebration for me. I was shocked at the what he is planning and I tried to deny not to do it since it will be a normal day for me. He was so consistent with his plan for me so I don't have any choice but go with him and do the groceries.

Doing groceries at KCC Mall of Gensan Supermarket

waiting for our turn at the counter

At the counter...

We finished early since we went early, we still have time to stroll before going home and prepare what we need to prepare for early morning. Since we bought ingredients for Lumpia. We do have operation packed that night so tomorrow, we just need to fry all of it.

That what we paid for the grocery.

Honestly, I am having a worry that the food to be served is not enough for the visitors, for my guests. So, I secretly told my Mama about it. For this groceries - Jayson paid all of these and I actually adjusted each ingredient since I do worry for his budget. That's why I asked my Mama if she got something to add up. Good things, she decided to come to the city the next day and buy some add-ons and for the new menu that she wants to add. My Mama has always been my hero. Lucky to have her too.

That afternoon, everyone still busy for the foods. Two are wrapping the next batch of Lumpia and Jayson frying it while having a phone on hand, lol.

The celebration will be for dinnertime so early morning we are all busy preparing all the spices, all the food to be cooked and to be served. We just planned to have simple dishes since we don't think many will come. But I told myself that we should not limit our expectation since it is always expected the unexpected and that's had happened.
The menu that served for dinner - Bihon, Sarciadong Pork, Humba, Adobong Pork, Chicken Joy, Lumpia, Grilled Fish, Pork Afritada and Spaghetti and Maja Blanca as the dessert.

We are almost ready!

It is almost dinner time and I am already calling all I expected visitors. My gym buddies are already at the sala, my best friend Thea and his husband are coming too but a bit sad since my Twinkie can't come but I understand why. Even if I am in her situation, I will be choosing they same decision too. I forget to invite others since I am busy with other stuff too. I even forget to come to the church and light up a candle.

My sidekicks yesterday. Lucky that they are there from morning till night.

They are really great and they even look after Shun Leanne my daughter because they know that I can't serve 2 heads at the same time and I am busy in the kitchen, doing the dishes and I am hating it since every now and then, they are handing me those needed to be washed plus I will run to the store and Internet shop till accident happen, I almost bumped my head at the floor when I accidentally slide down. And I don't about to what had happened to me but I worry for the things I broke, I just borrowed that tupperware and its top cover plus I broke it. I hated myself and I even cried because of it. Now, I am totally feeling all the pain that I should not if I am just too careful. Hahaizt, the accident really happen in time that you never expected.

Before we all started the program, my gorgeous niece surprised me with her DIY gift. I know how simple it is but I really appreciated DIY gifts since I know the effort and the time wasted in making it, that's more important for me because it is not a gift that taken for granted. You will feel their love for you with it.

The gift that being used as my personalized tarpaulin with love.

It was so cute and I am loving it and currently, I put it on my wall near my bed so I can look at it anytime I want and lol, she made sure to choose pictures that I feel I am beautiful. She had a taste, lol.

with my one and only princess

I don't want to celebrate and to blow my cake without my daughter beside me. She is my life now and no matter what happens, she will always be my world. Though, I had not a chance to have a picture with Mama because she's been too busy to make sure everything will go well. I know how much her effort and I promised I won't have another birthday with this kind of celebration, I will prefer next year to dine and to around the city, no matter what. I know we are all tired but we tried to have a happy smile and I know my happiness won't end up just like this.

They are all singing Happy Birthday song for me. This is the only picture I have and I am not with them.

blowing the candle after a sudden wish

I forgot that the candle I buy for me is relighting so it takes almost 1 minute to blow it up again and again so it won't relight again. Everyone is laughing at me and my daughter help me blowing every candle. I am sweating, lol.


Now, time to eat and while eating, I stroll around to have some photo up with my guest, lol. But not all, I am feeling hungry already so I need to entertain my stomach too and let my daughter eat too. I know she is hungry already because she did not take anything before dinner time.


My Boyfie and her sister. I don't have any photo with her sister.

My Gym Buddies with Shun Leanne and Jayson.


My Best Friend Thea and her husband Troy, both teachers of one of the schools here local.

Thea and I were the best of friends during my high school years till now and been one of the Ninang of my daughter Shun Leanne. I met her during our elementary years, we are classmates from 3rd Grade till 6th but we are not the close, not until we reach our secondary years.

I thought everything will end as the usual. All the guests will go home and then, we are left and fix everything at the mess. Wash all the dishes, make sure things are all fixed before going to sleep. As

As I lie on my bed because I feel so sleepy already and need to have some rest, gosh, I did not expect that will received an Oversea's call from someone special in my heart. I thought it was just a wrong call since he is discussing some overseas application of mine but I am thinking and trying to remember if I have an overseas application but hell, no, I don't have any so I am trying to say that he got a wrong number but I was so shocked when we told me HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I know my heart really remember his voice even the first talk he got but I just doubted it since we always talk in Tagalog, lol, before he shifts to her normal speaking language. Now, I can tell I am feeling complete. Honestly, this is the wish I wanted to happen last year but maybe time did not permit it, this time it happens but I got someone in my life now, hahaizt, life is really playful. I hate it but what can I do? I am happy that he never forgets, lol. I hope he always does too.

I feel so blessed. Thank you to God for giving me this life. I know sometimes I felt so down and doubted you. I know sometimes how I cried to you and just asked you to hug me tight. I know sometimes I feel that I don't want to live. But you always showed me reasons to light up my life and to keep fighting for people I loved most and of course, You, My God. I know I want to fulfill my mission here. And I am asking you to guide me along the way. I am not perfect. I am a sinner. But you keep on forgiving me no matter what. I thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for the 27th year and counting for taking charge of my life. I hope things will go well and let me have the strong spirit to fight for more, not just me, not just for You but for all the people who loves me, cares for me and even my enemies. Thank you for teaching me how life should go. I may be in the darkness sometimes, I know there is light after all.


My Father did not show up for all the celebration. I have not photo with Mama and my relatives too. If I can only get the time back...

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Taken using the Oppo phone of my Boyfie, his Vivo phone, my Samsung J1 and Canon Ixus 5x Zoom Camera.

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HappY birthday


Thank you, sis!

Happy Birthday, Queen! I hope you have a royally great day.