Ulog#38: It Feels So Good To Be Alone Sometimes!

3년 전

They plan to go out today and offer to come with them but I decline on purpose...


ME, MYSELF and I, sometimes the great day to deal with the day. Yes! It is on purpose that I don't want to stroll anywhere though they keep on reminding all the temptations that I usually do when we are in the city, the bonding we have, the ice cream day, food trips, doing the grocery together and visit every stall inside the mall and look something cheap but good quality products. Yes! I succeeded, I am not tempted. I just want to stay at home alone and feel the peaceful place for my peaceful mind. I want to feel at peace and no one to think even just for hours that they left home.

I am alone but my responsibilities at home are still the same - manages the Internet Shop and the Sari-Sari Store, I still have my own time because it is not that busy and people are at work and at school. I really enjoy my day that I am alone but I am not telling you that I will be happy that it will be always, I prefer sometimes so I have time to reflect for myself and do things that I can't do if there are at home because my priorities will directly to my daughter and mother needs. It is good to have a break quite sometimes. And you should too! It won't really a regret even once a month. Working hard is good but you had to make sure to give time to yourself because that's the only way that you will keep on fighting and keep on facing your everyday life. Being too much exhausted will cause depression, so don't wait for it to happen, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Remember, you only lived ones, so it is not bad to enjoy sometimes or often. You got a purpose why you are working hard and dying yourself at work, try to spend time alone or even with friends or family, it is a good way of relaxation. Don't be harsh to your own self, you must love yourself and in order to love it, you must take care of it.

You can't love others if you can't love yourself first.


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Human mind is one of the most complex things ever discovered. All the process going in there is beyond the grasp all the major league scientists. So the truth is we can't be sure.
Then again, thinking about it, we know that most of the population wants to be with the company of people. Very few wants to be left out and be alone. But even for the most party animals, being left alone sometimes feels good.
This is because, it is the time you will have to time to go over all the things. It's the time your mind summarize all that was going til then. The time for future planing. The moment when you are lost in your thoughts. The time when your mind decides to go exploring all the areas it hasnt yet been to.
That time you are in a state of meditation. Your body and soul are at peace.
So just like yoga refreshes you, this also gives a positive response to your system.


thank you for this...

Hey my friend, I appreciate you mentioning me in every post of yours but I have Gina notifications active and I get one every time you mention me. I would appreciate if you stopped mentioning me in every post, it's actually better when you mention people on special occasions. Thank you



sometimes you need peace and quiet


I agree sis...