Ulog#40: School At Saturday!

3년 전

I should be in my bed early morning because I am too sleepy yet I need to wake up and go to my daughter's school.


stage view

I am complaining that why today. Yes, but I know it is my responsibility to attend school activities that require the parent to attend for my daughter's sake. I should complain since I promise that once I sent her to school, I make sure that I will give my 100% support together with the finances for her no matter what and now, I should act.

I woke up early like school days since the General Assembly starts at 8 o' clock in the morning. I went to the school at most 8:30 in the morning. I am 30 minutes late and I still regret coming in that time since I know Filipino got their own time so-called the Filipino Time. As always, they told us to be at school at exactly 8 but the program starts at 9:30 in the morning. What the!

But no choice, wait, wait and wait! That's the only thing to know what's inside each agenda plus they told us that we can get the report card of our child after the General Assembly since we will be meeting the respective teacher for the class of our daughter or sons.

Told you, patience is a virtue , see waiting almost 1 hour for the program starts to make me feel boring, good thing I am with one mother named Brenda and her daughter Novilyn that sits with me while waiting.

@ladyjah with Brenda and Novilyn

We kill time by keeping on chitchatting, sharing memories and even talking about anything under the sun. I am a bit close to this little girl since I am one of her teacher-assistant during her daycare year together with my daughter. I used to talk to her and she's comfortable talking to me too.

After the meeting, we went separately because Shun Leanne and Novilyn are not classmates anymore so Brenda needs to go to Novilyn's classroom and I, to my daughter's classroom. Brenda actually waited for me so we can go home together with Novilyn but sad to say, I let them go first since the teacher of my daughter needs to discuss something with us. But I did not go home alone because I am with the mother of Gracely and other current classmates of Shun Leanne that's near the neighborhood.

I had not got any chance to carry with me the report card of my daughter because KD or Kindergarten is not ready to release their report cards today. They got an agreement with the principal to wait for the upcoming report card that had been ordered before giving to the parents. So, we end up the discussions by paying the school ID costs 20 pesos only and prioritizing the KD in having the school ID and of course, the attendance.


My day ends with just sleeping the whole afternoon then be awake just to breathe some fresh air outside and eat dinner then go back to sleep again. By the way, what makes me having a ticked pink this week is the Korean drama "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?", it was really beautiful but consists almost 16 episodes and I am so happy that I have finished it two hours ago. Amazing story but gives me the eagerness to do my best always plus knowing how to love yourself no matter how you look after your family. You should watch that too.

The photos included in this content except for the last one that got a source is all mine.

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It's nice to attend our children's affairs


not totally... hahaha