Ulog#42: 2-in-1 Surprise Birthday Celebration, Success!

3년 전

The best things happened unexpectedly...

the birthday celebrants - Shun Leanne and Mama Inday

Last August 27, 2018, the surprise birthday celebration for the two special people in our lives had been celebrated. Yet it is unplanned, we did it successfully with the help of my family and relatives to keep everything secretly. It was my daughter and my mother's sister birthday and Mama volunteered to cater the needs for the said simple celebration in the city which is the first plan. Yes, the actual plan is that whoever wants to come with us, with the celebrants, just join with us and Mama will cater the expenses in the said day-out celebration. Planned to go to church to attend the mass during the lunchtime then go to the playground to let the kids play then have lunch in the preferred restaurant and stroll around the city. But that afternoon August 26, Mama changed the whole plan without notice to the celebrants. Of course, it was easy to say white lies to our little girl so she can't make any noise about the secret plan since my mother's sister want to go to the beach so we shift the whole plan to the beach celebration.


We planned for the said surprised celebration so we are busy preparing the whole stuff to be used the next day. From the foods to the decorations, to the things needed to bring to the beach, the cottage fee, the entrances and the means of transportation and of course, to the guests and the possibility of having guests, lol.

Since I don't know how to cook so Mama took charge of the kitchen. I just assist her in what she needs. It was not good that I will sleep then I will let my Mama does everything. It was so unfair in her part after all she caters to all the expenses. While preparing the spices and other ingredients she needs and no time to do the tarpaulin so I decided to make a temporary one, just a simple combination of the picture of them then gather all the possible stuff that can be used for decorations. Good thing I know how to keep those used things from past celebration and now, we are using it, lol, like the Happy Birthday letters then the balloons and just printed their pictures and paste it over the big thick carton.

took a selfie on the design I made

My daughter Shun Leanne only knows that we will go to the city and not on the beach as well as Mama Inday. Everyone is participating to keep it a secret until we reach our destination.

At the back of the transportation means with them.

But my fault too that I did not warn the driver, Mama Inday tried asking them and she found out right there during the time we pick her up to go to the beach already. No choice but to let her know that we will be going to the beach instead of going to the city to celebrate. She's a bit shocked but all the things been prepared already but goes with the flow, lol, forcing herself too.

DAWN TIME: Surprising our Little Princess

Shun Leanne's Happiness

Yes, as you see, I and my Mama did not have a chance to sleep so we keep on doing what we need to prepare till dawn time, Shun Leanne woke up while opening the room's door, I and Mama sang her a Happy Birthday song with the Fudge bar cupcake with a candle on top plus giving her the Little Pony mask I made since she was requesting for the birthday hats but I did not buy since we can't have a party. A simple act that makes her day full of happiness and memories.


I told you everything is well-prepared that day. My two cousins - the eldest daughter and youngest son of Mama Inday - went to the beach first to decorate the cottage they got. Good spot of the cottage where the faucet is near and clean, near to the comfort room too plus nearer sea and pool. Next, Mama and Mommy Tasing went next and Papa is their driver together with the foods and other needs. And lastly, I and the guests at the 4x4 car plus the two celebrants that still in shocked knowing that change of plan and we are all going to the beach, lol.

When we reached there, you will surely see their happiness and never expected that it was the viewed they will see there on spot. Though they got the idea of going to the beach, at least our efforts are paid too knowing that the celebrants are happy and contented. We sang the Happy Birthday song for the both of them and let them blow their candles and of course, with the real cake already that Mama brought too. Then, its eating time before swimming because kids are all excited already.


Shun Leanne with her Ate Bebe Gamay enjoy swimming

This is the first time I saw Shun Leanne enjoying the water. The last time we go to the beach, she is afraid of it and did not even try to go to swim or just sit on it and that time, a big difference. She even have the confident of trying to practice to swim. I want her to enrol to swimming class but I think budget won't permit yet so for now, I want her to enjoy the moment we are having this kind of event. It was really her day so I let her have all the time to enjoy swimming. Though her Lola and Lolo keep asking her to wash and dress up already because it was getting too cold already because there was a bit raining but she keeps on insisting that she wants to stay more in the water, we don't have any choice but to go with her and look after her till she will tell us that she doesn't want to go back to water. Lol, she never did! When she sees everyone is already preparing to go home, that's the only time she asked to dress up, lol, but requesting us to go back there soon.

I was so grateful that I had my Mama on my side. From the Day 1 of my Shun Leanne in my womb, she is the one who keeps on my side and letting me feel comfortable and no worries at all. She's been my all-time hero that keeps everything okay though it was all a struggle. Till today, she's been doing that no matter what. I am also grateful that I have my Shun Leanne in my life that completes me at all. Without them, I won't be the Janeth that everyone knows today though slightly knowing me, lol. I still have my own secrets and privacy that no one knows except me and God. I am just hoping that I can be able to pursue my dream and be able to sustain and let them live comfortably and happily. I know it's my turn to give back the favors. In God's hands and will.

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sometimes unplanned is the best