ULOG #10: I'm tired of life

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In life I've learnt that you don't always get what you want, and now I realize that life isn't a bed of roses. I've been so troubled and tired of being a graduate and yet there is no job offer anywhere.
So many submission of CVs And yet there is no response from those companies and stores.

Yesterday I decided to go search for a job and if possible I may get one. I prepared my self and make photocopies of CV. On getting to those offices and stores, the only response I got was"check in some other time".

It was getting close to evening and still under the hot sun I saw a bill board of a new open hotel, so in my mind i concluded that finally I've got a job for my self since it's really new and they should be needing employees.

Oh yes!!! I was right, there was a job vacancy but guess what? It was a cleaning job; which means just cleaners are needed. I really didn't mind doing it since I was so desperate to get a job, I decided to give it a trial and I was taken to the manager's office. I was told I shall be cleaning 20 rooms including the restroom, the corridors, the staircase, balcony, and the compound of a two storey building hotel.

Gosh! What the heck was that I said in my mind. But since it's just cleaning I told the manager I can do it and so let's talk about the pay.

And he said, the company will not pay less than 10,000 naira every month which is equivalent to about $27 USD. I felt so dissapointed with the pay and imagined how a graduate should be doing a cleaning job in the first place and then getting such a sick salary by the end of the month .
The country economy is just too terrible that nothing can be done at this time to get it in place.

I'm so pained and feel so terrible right now because i've got alot of things to take care of and alot of bills to settle and yet there's no source of fund anywhere.
I'm still trying so hard to visit other companies and stores to try my luck and I hope it's going to be a good one.

Ps: if you've got a well paid online job for me, don't hesitate to talk about it in the comment section.

Thanks for your time.

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Nonso, I've always known you to be a good friend... Thanks for inspiring me daily even if it's in the hard way.. Lol. You're very much appreciated