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3년 전

Steemit for me has become a challenge, one to grow as a person, because it has led me to see things from a totally different point of view as many see it. Steemit is a tool that helps to take the imaginative side of each one, to do different things, to organize the ideas of our mind and to be able to leave it reflected in letters or images.

I am a publicist and as such my mind must be kept in constant change of ideas, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with some plan for my next day of work, which I am sure many people do the same, in their jobs , or when you see something on the street that allows you to imagine what your next publication will be like in steemit.

This post, was made by an idea that had circling in my mind for several days, as a publicist I understand that brands should have their corporate identity established, for those people who do not know what that is, in a few words refers to an image , colors, uniform or anything else that when you see it in something you can identify that belongs to a company, now, steemit has its colors and logo, but one day it occurred to me to change a bit and give it a little more color and life.

With this publication I want to show a little of the things that go through my mind when I think of steemit, if you feel identified and want to do new things in steemit that you do not fear, do it, try, create new and better publications of all those that You've seen, this will help you a lot Try it, do not be afraid! I hope that the next post you read is yours with new ideas for steemit.

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