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Hello friends, today my ULog is about a moment that fills me with mixed feelings, today I am saying goodbye to my 16 year old daughter towards what is presented as a great future for her, she got a scholarship to study and train tennis in the States United, something that fills us with joy because it is consolidating a dream that I had since I was 12 years old.

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My sadness is that I will not be able to see it for a long time because it will be far away. I understand the law of life. is that the children at some point have to leave, but I think the time passed too fast and did not even tell me when I grew up, I told myself! I know that I had to leave at some point but I got ahead of the facts.

However, I have to thank God, to have conspired in his favor by allowing her to get this great opportunity.

I can only ask my God to accompany her, take care of her and give her the strength to undertake this great challenge.

Thank you friends for seeing my ULOG, and I ask you a little prayer for my daughter since she is still very young and will be alone without her parents for a while.

I love you daughter, God bless you, Happy journey

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