Just Another U-Log (Diary Entry) - Sharing Thoughts.


Sitting back here, with some back pain. Nothing new.

Trying to catch up with all the things I neglected over the past few months while I was worrying about other things in life. Guess I can say "Life kicked in".

Looking at how lucky I am, while a fellow Steemian in Venezuela is telling me about the horrors of life, another regime on the downfall, another place another time, another scenario in which the best and worst in people sees the light of day.

Not sure what to say, except that "Human nature is what it is".

A fellow Steemian friend lost her fury little friend yesterday. Nature took its course and her feline friend passed on over to the other side. Yet as with every passing, there are those of us who miss those who are no longer with us. A friend is a friend. Sometimes more faithful are those that see us as "Masters" than those who sit at the table with us!

Again, "Such is life".

Enjoying the sun here where I am on this fragile little planet of ours. Although, the air is chilly, the sun is shinning so I've opened up the windows.

The joys of Spring.

While some are out chasing happiness, I see an array of opportunities to enjoy what we have, to enjoy life, to be thankful for the goodness in our lives. Better to think about that than to spend what little time we have on this earth on negativity.

Those of you reading this who know me, have read many a time "Life is too short to waste on negativity".

Life is what we make of it.

Those that waste it chasing something that is worthless, instead of cherishing the time that they have on this side of the grass will probably do like I did and figure some things out when it is almost too late.

Passing on our knowledge to the next generation is a process.

Just yesterday I was sent a link about how the sciences have literally made what we know as "historians" a thing of the past.
Especially when it comes to the history of humans. DNA has made a laughing stock out of all the "historians" and all our "history books".

Why our governments insist upon teaching out kids the BS that historians wrote, idk.

Makes me wonder if there really is some sort of "conspiracy" out there.

I can't understand why we are letting all our governments do this to our future generations.

Although, in all this frustration, I guess I am kinda relieved, as finally the sciences have taken over and those that have caused so much hurt and bloodshed shall be a thing of the past.

Kinda cool isn't it: "Historians becoming a part of history"!

Love it.

This was one of the things that have been thrown my way and that I spent a while thinking about as I tried to catch up with all the things that I have to do.

I just finished speaking with my wife and one of our kids, am waiting for the next Skype call, to speak with my two princesses, my daughters.

Man, they grow up so quick.

I feel so blesses to see our children taking a path towards adulthood. Man, it is frustrating at times, but again, the look in their eyes when they figure things out, when they manage to do good, to succeed at whatever it is that they are doing. It is a feeling that I can't describe.

So grateful, there are no words out there that I can use to describe it.

There isn't much that I can say, I don't have the "right" to preach, but I do have the right to relay what life has taught me.

I've learned the hard way through the course of my life, yet I've had it so good. Can't complain.

Few months back when I faced the reality that we all have to face sooner or later, it made me think, reflect and see how I was straying from the significant things in life.

How I was wasting what little time we have on this earth on things that are literally worthless.

I'll give one example:

I bought a gamer back about 10 years ago. I am actually typing this Ulog on it right now.

It can't handle half the things that PC's need to handle these days. It is practically, realistically obsolete as far as tech goes.

Same applies to all material things, some have personal value, some have a value that is only valid until the next generation of its kind comes to be, some just aren't worth mentioning.

Yet, then, on the other hand, how many experiences and new people has this "old" gamer of mine brought into my life.

It is those people, those experiences that are priceless.

Many of us out there have had the same joys and experiences on much lower tech and less pricier PCs, so again, the real value gained isn't in the material item, but in what a price tag/label can't be put onto.

I hope that this little sharing of my thoughts isn't too boring.

But again, same as with the PC, Steem has given me something that is priceless. A place that I feel comfortable enough to get personal about some things.

Almost therapeutic in some ways.

How do I put a price on that?

Won't wore you all out with my gibberish, this is after all my personal little not so serious account that I can do stuff like this on and hopefully not get judged by others for doing so.

A place to escape from all the "serious" stuff and just be one amongst equals, a fellow human being with all my quirks and perks!

A place where I can crack a funny or share some personal thoughts.

Without being judged.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day, week, month, year, life.

God bless you all.

& remember "Life is too short to waste on negativity".


Yours truly


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