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We've all been there, in a situation where we make plans and then those plans don't always work out as we had predicted.

Sure, we can all improvise, overcome and adapt to the new situations, change the plans as we are faced with the new obstacles and challenges.

But imagine the following chain of events that have been going on in the past few years and which really are a killer story for a short novel all on their own.

Back a few years ago, everything was set, we knew exactly what we wanted, what we were doing and where we are going with our lives.

Then some things happen that detoured these plans to a later date, OK, nothing unusual in life, "Sh#t happens".

We kept moving towards our goals and plans as set out adapting to the new situation at hand.

(don't want to go into too many details, as it would probably be TMI and make a novel out of this post).

One of the key plans was to sell of our properties overseas and use that money to buy a property back home in Australia.

Simple enough.

This was back in 2016 all planned out. We had a buyer, that we knew, who was good for the money and everything was set in its ways.


Well, it didn't quite work out as planned.

We had set the ball into motion, Sylvia and the kids went to Australia in November 2016, we had already done all the recon and got ourselves a place to rent, got all the red tape taken care of and it seemed to be almost perfect.

When, all of a sudden the contract for the sale of our house fell through and we only found out about it in February 2017.

Whatever the reasons and chain of events that lead to this is actually irrelevant, the buyer was not able to scrounge up the cash to buy our house. That is all that mattered.

Then in 2017 soon after another buyer came along via someone we knew and everything seemed to be OK.

The buyer was supposed to come back to us by June as he was selling his property and had a buyer for it, he was a mechanic and our property was ideal for him, with the big workshop and so on.

When tragedy hit.

He as doing something and a piece of glass fell from a certain height and literally chopped his hand off. Luckily the hand was saved, so to say, but for a mechanic to lose "x %" of the use of his right hand is literally a life changing event. Need I say any more.

So that buyer was gone.

Meanwhile I told another potential buyer that our house was under verbal agreement with a buyer who was "a sure thing" and hence I lost a buyer.

Man, what a "boobooo" on my behalf.

So here we were in the second half of 2017 and nothing seemed to be happening as planned.

During the rest of 2017 had a number of things happen, a number of interested parties come check it out and most had the same "issue" the price was good, but the property was way too big for their needs/wants.

Almost got me to the point where I wanted to burn the damn joint down with the logic "I built it, I'll blow it up".

Another Christmas passed, another New Years passed, another Easter passed and sure enough, another year passed.

2018 was crazy.

Too many things happened to go into any details, from our eldest son moving out to emergency dental surgery for one of our daughters to the part that I will touch on here in the later half.

In July of 2018 my back started playing up again. Nothing unusual for me, quote the doctors "you have a spine of a 75 year old man" (I was told this roughly a decade ago).
So, it didn't come as any surprise that I had some rather discomforting experiences for a few months there.
Got through all that.
August is never really a good time for me anyway so it kinda overlapped. Can't complain.

Then towards the end of the year I started having some real health issues.

To make matters worse, so did Sylvia.

Like one parent having issues wasn't enough, but both almost at the same time, was like WTF.

Luckily, thank The Good Lord, Sylvia's issues were resolved, they were not cancerous and life went on.

Meanwhile, she took care of a million and one things all on her own there, from the end of primary school ball for our younger daughter, to Christmas and New Years and now even the new school year.

But, my issues were "?".

Two growths, that I found out existed on the 28th of December 2018.

One of which a sample was taken out and two weeks after that was found to be mutating.
It wasn't yet "The Big C" but it was on its way there.

The other, IDK.

Well, yesterday they both got removed.

First thing I asked the doctor was "Did you manage to get them both all out, no leftovers?"

She said yes and she went on to tell me that she thinks it should all be OK, that they will be sent off for testing and that I shouldn't worry.

Now this was great news, as "The Big C" is nothing unusual in my family tree, lost both parents to it, so for me to have it is just another "statistic", not to add all the other "statistics" it would fall under.

Worst case scenario, from what was explained to me is in the event that one of the two chunks removed from within me do end up being "The Big C" then I may have to go through a bit of treatment as a preventative measure, just in case an atom of the "sh#t" by some chance is still in me.

However, as I said, won't know for another two weeks and tbh, not too stressed out now.

The worst is over with. (fingers crossed).

To make it even more fun, two moles were cut off me, which I literally didn't need anyway, so I don't mind, to see if they are all OK. Again, just a precautionary testing, as it is obvious that I am in the "high risk" category for "The Big C".

I'm not stressed, whatever it is, it is.

A I say, St Peter took a look at me a few years back, said "Bugger that, I don't want to deal with this larrikin", the naughty guy downstairs took one look at me and said "Hell no, I'm not gonna put up with this guy", so here I am, stuck in the middle with you!

So you see, what many would look at as a "bad situation" me as a cold blooded realist looks at it as a good thing.

Got rid of the crap that was in me, on time, before than it kicked my ass, woke up this morning on this side of the grass, ready to take on the world again.

So it is all pretty good as far as I'm concerned!

Can't complain.

On a potentially good note and rather frustrating note. A couple of days ago I found a piece of land back home in Australia that would be absolutely fantastic for us to build a family home on.

Unfortunately I am in nowhere land with the funds.

The seller wants over $500,000 Australian, we are short by about $200,000 AUD.

So I sent an email this morning to the real estate agent asking if the seller is open to a deposit with a 12 month option. Meaning that I give a whopping big deposit and pay the rest in 365 days.

Which can give me time to dump these properties here in Europe for just about any price and move on with our lives.

So if this all works out, it would be PERFECT!


So, there it is, my U-log for the day, that is the very very very short version of what all has been going on in our lives and all the FUN FUN FUN that we have had as a family and all the frowns and smiles compacted into 2 years of our lives, without all the nittygritty stuff that would put everyone to sleep!

PS. I'm looking for a stuntmans helmet for my wife.
When I get home and the kids go to sleep it is Miller time and after over two years, she is going to go skyrocketing through the ceiling and roof at a 100 miles per hour.

So she will be needing a heavy duty stuntmans helmet!

Had to end this post off with a laugh.

You all have a good one and remember:



Yours truly

@jackmiller (aka @mypics)

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To say this is excellent news is an understatement 🍻 👍

Glad to hear things are sounding positive for you on the medical front, Jack. It was 5 years last August since my medical procedure to remove cancer from my tongue and lymph glands. A well appreciated reprieve!


As a good mate of mine @grow-pro would say:

"Every day on this side of the grass is a good day"

For us at least, for the rest of the world, idk!


Glad there are no deadly cancers and that you now have a property plan Jack.

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Step by step mate, but I will be very sincere when I say that it is hard to logically and clearly think long term about anything when faced with the potential reality of it maybe not being "unforeseen".

Luckily for me, like I said in the post, neither St Peter nor that ugly bugger downstairs want to let me in, so here I am, for who knows til when!