What To Say? Sharing Inner Thoughts. (U-log)

2년 전

Watching, reading, listening to all sorts of things out there, never seeing an ounce of responsibility for ones failures.

So many people point fingers, instead of looking reality in the eye and dealing with it.


Yet, so many out there refuse to accept their downfalls, their failures and keep presenting them as "successes".

Bloody "politicians" as too many of us call them if they are in the public scene of a nation. Yet, when it comes to people we personally know, or think we know, then so many people just don't see the "politician" and the BS that goes with it, in that person.


How can some people who regurgitate so much of what they read and hear out in the masses of information and disinformation still not see the likenesses between these types at all levels.


Just something that is so crystal clear when looking reality in the eye and yet is clear as mud to so many when it hits their level of society never ceases to shock me.

Seen dictators toppled, seen entire regimes literally fall apart. Seen the loudest of one "ism" turn into the most extreme of the other "ism", literally overnight.

Crazy world we live in.

Seen it at all levels.

I guess that I am beginning to understand why the world is so unorganized and so unfair.

When extremists use those who keep regurgitating the BS that is fed to them and these parrots are the majority by all means as all media is now "mass media" thanks to the fact that almost everyone has access to all media.

When the scammers, ego maniacs, self centered sons of (you know what) can keep doing their thing and as the old parallel for it used to be "sell the San Francisco Bridge" with applause from everyone including the buyer!

What more do I need to say or do?

When there is no responsibility for anything at any level.

IDK what to say or do.

But i do ask myself, what was it all for?

Can't wait to go fishing.

That is all I can say, as soon the natural process of aging will be finishing what it started, the new generations will pop in and learn the hard way. Obviously there is no "reasoning with them", they as us (including me) have to learn the hard way and by the time they see it (or if they ever see it) they too will be wanting to go relax somewhere and let nature take its course.

Not sure if this U-log is clear to anyone, they are literally my personal thoughts about things that I can't express like a novelist, yet feel that if I get them out of me, that it may be easier to deal with the pain, disaster, losses and unhappiness that is coming for so many people out there. So many people, who just like myself, have to learn the hard way.

Hopefully something changes, I probably won't see it, at any level, no matter how many people and parrots tell me otherwise. "The majority rules", the minority wants to rule, yet both are identical in nature. After all we are all only human.

Not sure what to say or do, except to go out and relax by the water. Let mother nature heal me.

Cheers to one and all.

Hope this U-log isn't too depressing, in fact, nothing depressing about sharing thoughts that are based on experiences, maybe one parrot stops being a parrot and start to think as an individual. Then this is the most positive attempt of sharing inner thoughts that I can ever do.

Seee ya!

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