Teaching myself Python Day 7


I have to admit todays code is mostly a copy from @felixx homework post. I did change the code to use the steemit api for the data as the default beem api timed out.

I also tried to run the program against the testnet, but it appears that @mytechtrail does not have any data in the database.


from beem.account import Account
from beem.blockchain import Blockchain
from beem import Steem
from beem.instance import set_shared_steem_instance

#steemit_api = Steem(node=["https://testnet.steemitdev.com"])
steemit_api = Steem(node=["https://api.steemit.com"])

blockchain = Blockchain()
head_block = blockchain.get_current_block_num()

test_account = Account("mytechtrail")

rewards = []
reward_sum = 0

for curation_reward in test_account.history_reverse(start = head_block, stop = head_block - 30000, use_block_num = True, only_ops = "curation_reward"):

for reward_num in range(10): # starts at 0
    reward_sum += int(rewards[reward_num])
    print('\n', reward_num + 1, ':',  rewards[reward_num])

print('\naverage:', reward_sum/ 10, '\n... this look like its in VESTS ...')
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How is your experience so far? Never really got warm with python although I am working with C# and js a lot ^^

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