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Because I'm happy💃💃
I really don't know where to start from because I am extremely happy,, why because its my first year celebration on Steemit..

Steemit is indeed a life changer, Steemit has really helped my life in all aspects..

Oh my God, let me say this officially that I registered for Steemit last year because @honourmaus said I'll make money, at first I wasn't serious then I became serious when I see nigga spending money like father Christmas last year December..
You can check @olawalium @mosumomotunde @adejoke16 @ejemai @gee1 et all's post to know what I am talking about...

About life and all
I have read lots of posts here tho I don't comment on all posts, but I have really learned a lot about life, sometimes you think the little you know is what life is about but when I got to Steemit I realized there's more to life..

Steemit made me a writer
This is the most important part of it, at first I used to find it difficult to write twenty lines but with Steemit i have discovered an hidden talent. lol (Still growing tho)..C360_2018-08-31-19-33-26-274.jpg

I have met a lot of people
Should I start mentioning name?🤦🏽‍♀. I really don't wanna start mentioning names because I might omit some that are important,, but I really wanna appreciate everyone I have met here on Steemit..

My contribution to the Steemit community so far

I can't say I've been a good disciple but I have helped some friends discover this blockchain the likes of @king.aduke @etoo @ambetoo @oyetoyosi and @nawty01 is back to Steemit because I made him realize what he missed when he wasnt here...

Shout outs
Shout out to my very own Friend turn blood, the man that introduced me to Steemit @honourmaus, thanks for always being there hun, I can't trade yu for anything,, @harbysco my darling, one million kisses for you, @ewuoso my forever crush, nigga iono wah to write for ya, you know how I feel bout you right? @pelvis you're wonderful, @bollutect & @bcrafts you guys mean the world to me, @olatun boss I hail thee, @midesignature @adejoke16 @gee1 @julietisrael @eunireal I love you ladies a lot, you've helped a lot in ma Steemit journey... To all the @lsc_project crews I say thanks for being there...
@olawalium, thanks for supporting always Sir, @samest thanks for your encouragement Sir... I wanna make a special shoutout to @ejemai the man behind @stach Well done boss, I'm one of those whose life you've helped with the project...
Shout out to the awesome man behind #ulogs too @surpassinggoogle, thanks for giving people like me reasons to wanna write....

If I'm to continue, I'm never gonna stop writing because I am so happy right now and I really wish to express how happy I am....

Thanks for always reading
Thanks for not getting tired
Cheers to a new beginning
I remain @mzajoke

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Happy Steemit birthday to you dear
It's good to see you come this far.
You are one of the amazing ladies I've met so far on this platform.
Congrats dear.
Love you....


Thanks for being part of my success story dearie

You are a darling. Really glad i met you dear. Happy Steeming.


Thanks for always being there sir



Congratulations on your steem anniversary :D
Good photos (y)


Ooo thanks... Thanks for stopping by


You're welcome :) hope you're having a good day

congratulations steemit senior


Thanks daddy

Congratulations dear, shine on😍


My woman crush forever