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Hey lovers
Hi Uloggers

It's your girl @mzajoke, I wish y'all a happy and stress free week ahead,, today I wanna dedicate my #ulog post to my Mom,, well I can call the woman Mom too because she is a mother to me..


She gave me @king.aduke, she is always there for us and she is a great woman..

She is the definition of a mother, a very strong woman who doesn't give up,, aside from being a soldier, she is gallant and she's the type of woman that Loves God,, she serves him with the whole of her heart, she loves her children and everyone that associates with them..


A great chef she is,, that @king.aduke inherited from her.. She is her children's confider, best friend and gist mate.. She's a role model to many women, she is a jewel of inestimable value,, a woman more gallant than a man..



Mommy, I really can't thank you enough for all what you've done for us, you didn't only give me a school daughter, you gave me a friend and sister too,, a shoulder i can always lean on, someone I can call mine without sharing with anyone... Thanks and God bless you ma,, may you live longer to reap all your labor, you'll forever be happy in sound health and riches ma. love from me to you. I am @mzajoke.

Thanks for reading guys
Please help me show some love to her
She means a lot to me

To be an #ulogger, these are what you should do...
Have a blessed week ahead
I remain @mzajoke

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Very nice your mom. Happy birthday from me to your mother...


Thanks alot i am grateful

Lovely message @mzjoke 😉 wish your "mother" a happy birthday from me, May God Blesses and Protects her along the way and many happy returns.

It was so nice of you to thanked her through this post, so sweet and touching.


Thanks a lot, wish i have a bigger SP to bless your comment..


You don't have to worry about that 😉 I have @dustsweeper to vote for my comment but I know she's a bit busy these days, and I don't know how's my deposit.


How does @dustsweeper work?..
I need to check her out


Check this Faq

There's a new cost update too. Dusty will upvote your comments anywhere if the value of the upvote to your comments at least $0.00 to 0.02 but don self-vote your comments. If you have dusty account, if I vote your comment with my 50% upvote you'll see 0.01 then dusty will sweep it to 0.03.

All you have to do is sending her SBD at minimum 0.5 SBD and your deposit will be 1 SBD and then you can also send it as a gift if you know someone who loves to post comments too. Just read through the FAQ carefully

Happy birthday virtuous woman .may God give you more years ,bless your children so that they will appreciate you more ,finally give you sound health.

Celebrate it is worth it .

Enjoy .


Thanks alot for stopping by