My #Ulog post 22/05/18 And today is all about fun with families educating ourselves on how to knot a tie

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Hey there, greetings to all, it's me @peakreal again and I will like to share what today is all about.

After returning from my working place, I ended it up with my friends and teaching each other on how we can know a tie. thou it was funny enough because most of us arrives on different output. And we have some photograph.


Our president doing it on a lady's neck


He know how to do it perfectly, but still yet they were not satisfy with it. Now let's see this.


She always complain, see how she's doing it now, lol

And I have two of friends here teaching themselves in argument

These gals can argue much, they were on a competition I guess lol, it was so funny how I wish I have the video.

This is @dray91eu doing it with a style he won't allow us to teach him. He always want to do it himself. Trying but not perfect.


He was happy with what he did

After the while trial an we were able to get this

And it was a funny day with friends.
Until another time, I'm @peakreal

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COOL PHOTOS 👍 greetings to you!