Some challenges facing on updating my blog...

2년 전

Hello there, I'm Simeon know to all. I've been facing some difficulties since yesterday which I think I should share on here on steemit, and as well in telling the entire ULOGGER

The post made yesterday after I've spent more and so precious time on in writing and gardening my content all went wasted as I mistakenly delete it on my blog due to weak and poor network in my location. After the post has been updated, I found it was updated twice on my blog because it appear in two places which I don't know the implication, guess cheetah may coment on it.... I never know what might happen to my post for I've not seen such in the past. I seek an advice from a friend on what likely I could do, he said I should delete one and leave the second one. I was so suprice because because there is no delete feature on the site.... I have to go to edit, and clear all what I wrote and wrote Deleted I couldn't know how it happened because I saw the act affected the two post which it's un-reverseable. I was so sick and weak for the action because I did it myself. So painful....

I was not happy with myself for it because it took me more time to gather the information, but I believe life will always goes on.

I guess my next post in the evening time will now base on what I suppose to put on my blog and also express on how my day went. That will be at night.

I'm @peakreal, and I'm ulogger

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