I Love The Steemgigs Theme song. Invitation to Steemgigs Show


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This song is dedicated to all steemian and members of Steemgig and @surpassinggoogle
Music in my vain I keep listening to this song and am inspired to do more we should all work together am not black you are not white we are one
Steemgigs take your place in the sky as the star you are.
Everyone has something to offer
All credits goes to @surpassinggoogle for the great ideas he keeps sharing on steemit thanks to him for #ulogs #teardrop
You are all invited to the next steemgigs sure on discord takes place in less than 24 hours.
Discord Link
At steemgigs show you would be lucky enough to hear inspiring words from @surpassinggoogle @mermaidvampire @dynamicgreentk you would hear @snowwhite sing even me @princessvanessa would sing.
Great spoken word from @eddie23
@michaelcj would be there to share the steemcamp experience with you.
I've prepared a special song to sing for all at the steemgigs after party show.
I love you all
Steemgig loves you all
@surpassinggoogle loves you all
👄💋Princess Vanessa

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..this post reminds the observer: Every post a web-page of its own...upvote!

Cool song!
Vanessa, we got to talk girl...


Thank you


Thanks alot

Awesome song


Thanks so much

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I've been listening to you on SoundCloud it's been great, your work is very clean, your voice is so exquisite, it reminds me of a singer called Arlissa, you're great


Thanks so much am glad you like the song I work hard to please