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Friendship is the best thing that could ever happen to you when you are with the right people its good to know that in this mess up world there are people I can trust

@princessvanessa @bhadgirlofficial and @janeblue. I and @janeblue we going back to school so We decide to go out together today before we left, we first went to the studio I and @bhadgirlofficial got featured on a song titled #gratitude we were featured by DJ Phamous @janeblue came with us.
After the studio section we went to the mall its was just like old times it was even better we had dinner and then we played 3D games it was so fun.
I can't really explain how we got To be friends but all I know is I never what to loose them and the feeling I get when am with them. Am going to talk about them individually and how we complete each other trust me when I say this when it comes to the both of them I do not have a favourite I love them both equally they have their flaws but we love ourselves for who we are.

we call her Blessing she 6.4ft tall her vital statistics are 32, 28, 33 her philosophy towards life is hard work pays, her role model is Oprah Williams she loves her because she's not just book smart she's street smart.
Well everything I just said above is what she says when ever she is on a beauty pageant well i memorized because she's my friend @janeblue is a model a beauty queen she loves life she's the quiet one among us she's also the picture freak her favourite food is rice.
Her smile makes the sun jealous she's beautiful and amazing
She's fun to be with she loves peace so much when ever we have external issues we always advice we keep cool and not make issues unlike
she's the muscle of the circle
She's the smallest but the muscle I love her for everything she is well she doesn't want to agree that she's a girl so am going to refer to her as a s(he).
I tease s(him) a lot most especially when she calls herself a Tom I tell her search not found @bhadgirlofficial can give her all just to make a friend happy she trust worth your secret with stays a secret she's real and she can die for who she loves cos doesn't love easily but she loves whole heartedly and I love her so much.
S(he) is a musician, a rapper when I first heard her do her thing I was a big fan of her I never knew she was also a fan of me so we just clicked and we were open to each other.
I and @bhadgirlofficial went to the Steem camp competition she Came first and I Came second

@janeblue couldn't come with us as a contestant because she already wore a crown she is the present face of Delta but she came to support us at the grand finally of the show.

Personally I think am the bridge that connects all of us @janeblue the Model @bhadgirlofficial the musician then me @princessvanessa the model, musician, entertainer.
We all meet at different levels we've come a long way I remember how they made my birthday supper fun for me.
Well am the annoying😒 one in the circle the talk active the disturb but they still love me and cover my flaws I can be bossy sometimes but they accommodate me.
On my birthday I was woken up with a cake 12am we went out had breakfast, had fun
@janeblue and I look like twins people keepAsking if we are sister well me never tell the truth we always agree to be sisters truth is that's what we've become not just I and @janeblue but also with @bhadgirlofficial


its so rear to find friends like them some how when they are around the sky is always blue, the way we talk the things we say, the way make me feel okay and how they know all of my jokes but the laugh anyway.
So if i could wish for one thing i would take the smile that they bring cos together we dream the same forever they are here for me and am here for them

Three person's One Love

I can't really say everything but we deserve to be besties of the year besties of enternity
and we grow together in fame
The Three Celebrity Friends
@janeblue @bhadgirlofficial @princessvanessa

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My people My people. U all are amazing and I miss everyone.


We miss you more

@princessvanessa you forgot to add your the crazy one not just the annoying 1.
Back at camp you know i awarded you specially 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Lemme run


Awww thats the fact that you know am crazy makes me smile 😄

Having good friends around is the best thing that could ever happen in once life. Some friends are better than brothers. Thanks for sharing