ULOG: #3 for Week 17 - Reminiscing How Steemit Was Before - Teardrops

2년 전

As I was sitting thinking of something to write for my #ulog. I had no idea yet. Then suddenly I started to reminisce how it was before. I remembered how I nearly quit because of low earnings.

Then I remembered how around this time things were going up. Especially the earnings. How I would be so happy to see my posts earn $4 -8-12 even reaching $20 - $80. It made me keep on going.

Then came the #untalented, #steemgigs, #teardrops and now the #ulogs. Also the other apps, @esteemapp, @busy.org., @ulog.org and even @Bsteem., @Dlive and so many more that I have a headache trying to remember them and using them, So far I am using the regular @steemit, @esteemsurfer , @ulog.org and @busy.org. They have been good to me. Especially the #upfundme projects and @fundition.

I miss the high earning but because of the downfall of cryptocurrency like bitcoins etc, it has gone down. Even the whales and dolphins are having a hard time upvoting because of the low value and they have so many to help. We just have to accept it.

Christmas last year was great because of #steemit. It helped me financially that I was able to get my helper a few things for Christmas. We also had a good noche buena and media noche. My brothers helped but it is limited. With Steemit I had less or no worries. I hope this will be the same again.

It is sad to see so many leaving or looking for alternatives. It is their prerogative, Some still stay with #steemit but have a sideline. I have a hard time making2-3 posts a day so I don't bother with new writing sites yet. I have registered but not started. Then there is this Paysbook. People are hurriedly running to that platform. They say it is like #steemit and Facebook together.+
But I am not encouraged to join. Some say it is a scam, but some say there is proof. I am having financial problems so I do not have an extra 1000 pesos to join and not be really sure of earning or getting my capital back. I was told you have to work on it by posting, commenting etc and recruiting. I hate to recruit unless I am 100% sure.

I am not against the other sites and Paysbook. People can join if they want. There is even a writing site which is like a carbon copy of #steemit. I did register but when I saw it was exactly the same except for the name, I did not become active yet.

I have shared so many #teardrops here and used some #steemgigs offers and written on the different apps. I am hoping that maybe one day soon, @steemit will go back to how it was. If not that big of an earnings but something worth while.

For now I will stick to #steemit. Maybe it will be a blessing again. So I keep busy preparing 3 posts a day and upvoting members and other friends. What ever little help I get from the whales and dolphins makes my day. I am happy to see my earnings go over $1. Sometimes I may have to boost but it is not a big amount.

Let's just keep on #steeming and hope and pray it will continue to improve.


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Others that we should support are: @henry-gant, @nomad-magus, @kenny-crane, @beanz, @teamsteem, @good-karma, @busy.org, @esteemapp, @hr1, @arcange @bayanihan, @acidyo, @anomadsoul, @steemitph, @jerrybanfield, @darthnava, @paradise-found, @geetharao, @gratefulvibes, @stephenkendal and @richq11; they also have supported us; also the many others who have visited My posts. Pls. support them too. Thank you very much.
I am grateful for them and for everyone who has helped me and my friends.

These some of the many great people on #steemit who have been helping minnows like me. There are many more I have not mentioned. Most probably the CEO and Co-founders of @steemit - @ned or Ned Scott and @dantheman or Dan Larimer are the most important to thank. I hope I did my research correctly.





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Funny name, paysbook. Sticking with steemit as well. Hoping things will be better soonest.

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true it sounds like a wrong pronunciation of Facebook

Those who have faith in the platform stay...i recall seeing those who left and came back whrn the price of sbd and steem went up😁


yes but I am staying no plans of leaving or trying out other sites as of now. I have faith it will improve! Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for mentioning my name in your post! I've been here everyday for over 2 years and I have no plans to go anywhere else. Steemit is still the best!!! 👍😀❤

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Me too I just passed my 1 month anniversary hope to reach my 2nd. You have been one of the few that has stopped by and upvoted me a couple of times. Thanks for those.