ULOG: #6 for Week 16 - Happy Birthday To Our Trustworthy and Loyal Companion

2년 전

Today is the birthday of my helper Teray's husband. He turned 42 today. Wow how time flies. I remember years ago, maybe 16-17years ago. We hired Teray, she was in her early 20's , I think she was 25 years old. They lived in Manila but came home to the province. She had one daughter then 2 years old. My niece brought her to us because I was looking for someone to help around the house because my mom was going to the US for a vacation and my daughter was already going to school.

She had experience already but not that much, she was just a small person. She left her husband Jay in the farm because it was harvesting time. But he would then visit often bringing their daughter. So I told her if she wants her husband can stay with her and help around if he wants. So that was the start of it all.


He had some skills but I made him learn more like how to repair a computer when we had an internet cafe. When we had our house repaired he helped around and got tips form the carpenters and masons. He also learned by watching. When I cooked he would watch but he already knew hoe to cook, just improved on it. He is a "jack of all trades" . Very useful at home and trustworthy. He is also very protective of all of us. Some same they might be familiar but I treat them all as family.


Since can do carpentry and other things he asked me to buy this on Lazada because it was on sale. It was 1599 plus shipping 253 so a total of 1852 pesos. Since I still give him a salary even though he was receiving a small salary as Chief barangay Tanod before and now even as a Barangay Kagawad, he told me just to deduct from his salary, So I said ok. I have given them my old cellphones whenever I renew my plan and get a new one. I also gave my 2 old tablet but very good working condition. Because his 2 daughters were already in high school. His youngest daughter was made and born here in our home hahaha. My daughter is her godmother.

Even though he works in the barangay he never forgets his obligations at the house. As of now he is the one repairing and fixing my daughter's room because she is planning to come home. I hope to have it painted by next week or all done before the fiesta.

Since it is his birthday, my daughter said not to deduct his next month salary but to give it to him as our birthday present, the drill and sanding equipment. He was very happy when I told him. I also gave him money to cook pancit for long life tonight.

They started with just 1 daughter now they have 2 and an adopted one. Actually it is his brother's daughter.

This is one of our recent group pictures. When Teray started she was slim like Trisha just shorter. After 16-17 years with us , haha she blended in, also the eldest daughter Jenny. Even Jay filled up and looks more mature. He was skinny small and had long hair hahah. So when I go to the city for grocery Teray always comes with me because I can trust Jay and his daughters to watch my mom. Even if I bring both the 2 daughters are there plus Jay's dad and his brother's wife. I am so #grateful to have them in my life. Nene is his younger briother's daughter he has 4 children and she was more attached to Teray from the beginning. Anyway they also live in the house.

As of now it is only me and my mom but the people staying in the house with us are 19 some adults and some children. This include's Jay's brothers ad their families and his dad and nephew and Teray's niece and her family. I don't mind they have rooms downstairs and a Bahay kubo out side where they cook and relax. I don't feed them all just 7, Jay and family (5) his dad and nephew. I also buy them some canned goods, coffee and biscuits as extra every time I go to the grocery and toiletries. The other's because the husbands work buy their own and share among themselves but sometimes when they have no money Jay comes to the rescue. They used to stay for free but just now I decided to let them pay 500 pesos a month for the 3 families to help with the electricity because with kids they use electric fans and charging cell phones and the water. They all agreed to it. The husband earn more than minimum.

So this is my big happy extended family. Someday I will have a group picture of all of them complete and another with me and my mom too. Hmm I wonder if we could fit in the screen of the camera hahaha.

Pictures are mine.


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Happy birthday to him

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