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@Angela Romeo:

Hi Mark! I see the hot girl hunting season has started in Canada, eh???😁😉 Now I get why you went back to Canada and above all what your real purpose of your vocabulary walks is!! 😉

Well yes, I'm onto you, so you might as well not beat around the bush and fess up!!😁😉

I also wanna cut to the chase by telling you, you haven't been incompetent because you haven't even spotted a hot girl—maybe with a dandy junk in the trunk 😁—playing or walking!!

But,lemme tell you,my friend—you've spotted cars out of the wazoo with stunning junk in the trunk!!😁🚗🚙 I'm aware, though,cars' junk in the trunk as cute as it might be, isn't a sigh for sore eyes for your male subs as a girl's suv in the pants might be, eh??,😁😉

But,cheer up,Mark!! Life isn't always a bowl of cherries!! After all,it was just the first day of hunting and you couldn't make the miracle of turning these bushes into hot girls to please them!!😁 I just made up this expression, hope you like it!!! As you know the original quote is :" Turn these stones into bread!" So,keep your eyes peeled when you take another vocabulary walk because hot girls will be probably there somewhere!🕵️‍♂️👩👱‍♀️👩‍🦰😉 Wanna know what stationwagons are called in my neck of the woods????

Most probably not,but I'll tell you anyway!!😁 They are called hearses!!😁😁😁 Let's say, it ain't a chicks magnet!😁 That's why I'd like to suggest you not to get of your stunning red SUV🚘 and buy a stationwagon because even though you're a drop-dead gorgeous guy😎😉,it won't help you pick up girls!!😁

Bear that in mind, my friend!! Of course, there are dandelions galore,here!! We call them " Dente di leone " ( Lion's tooth 🦁🦷😁)! Unfortunately,off the top of head, I can't remember what the name of those white flowers is!!🤔🤔🤔 But one thing is for sure, they're dandy flowers, too!!

Speaking of the word " Dandy", I also knew it's also used to describe someone who dresses in fancy clothes ,and that the words " Fop" and " Beau" are its synonyms,am I wrong????🤔🤔🤔 We call these people " Damerini" ( Dandy)and if a friend of ours dresses in a suit and tie,we jokingly tell him why hell he dressed as a dandy!!😁 While if they wear a tailcoat, our joke is: " Holy crap!! It must be freezing cold outside because I just saw a penguin come in.....oooooooops,my bad!! It wasn't a penguin but you!! Why did you dress like a penguin???" 🐧😁

The difference between mistletoe and holly is that the first one is a parasitic plant that grows inside other trees and has white berries! While holly is an evergreen tree and shurb with spikeyleaves and red berries!!

As for those two doodad in the playground, I remembered their names but it slipped my mind as soon as I saw the slide!!😁 Actually, your guess is as good as mine!! 🤷‍♀️

Where I live,there ain't community gardens just for the simple reason that we each own land,but there are some gated communities ,obviously people from the same family unit live there!! As I've already told you, in my town, it's an ancient tradition that the parents give a house to their daugthers when they go down the aisle!! That's why people of the same family live there!!

I got that your home cost you back like $ 250 grand when you showed it to us!! But,I never told you because you'd have thought I was doing the math in your pocket! " To do the math in your pocket " ( Farti i conti in tasca) is an Italian idiom which simply means calculating the value of your item you just bought and therefore get how much money a person owns!! I'd say, its closest English equivalent is " To pry into your financial affairs "!!

It must be plain as the nose on your face that it's not a rude expression which puts people's noses out of joint!! That's why is also used in a humoros way!!

For example: if I told you I just bought a pen,you'd tell me, I don't wanna do the math in your pocket, but I guess, it must've cost you an arm and a leg!😁

Hope I translated it into English properly!! Give me your 2 cents!

The Three Billy Goat Gruff —as you said—is a story about three goats who decided to climb a mountain to chew grass! But a wooden bridge had to be crossed to reach the mountain!! Underneath it lived a Troll who ate all those who tried to cross the bridge! The smallest of them was the first to cross the bridge, but he wasn't eaten by the Troll because he told him to wait for the second goat because he was bigger than him!! The second goat was also not eaten by the Troll because he used the same trick!! The third goat wasn't eaten by the Troll because he bravely defeated him with a head!! If there had been a Troll, you'd have defeated him because you're GOAT !!!😎

I hope you'll get a bazillionaire soon so that you could make all your dreams come true!! 😎 I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, my friend!!!🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

Thanks for this jaw-dropping vocabulary walk!! You made it on a high note!!!😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I really enjoyed hanging out with you!!

Oh,sorry for my mammoth comment!!! Luckily,itwasn't a voicemail otherwise my broken English would've talked your ear off!!👂😁 Just one last thing!! If you wouldn't mind, could you give my best regards to our friend Jackrabbit?????🙏 I miss him that much!! 🐇🐇🐇Thanks a bunch! Have a majestic day in Calgary and take good care of yourself !!!

@Gina Fraser:

I enjoy reading your "mammoth comment" so much! Thank you for sharing the story of "Three Billy Goat Gruff" in details, otherwise I just wonder why Teacher Mark associated a wooden bridge with a troll suddenly.

And it is rather interesting for me to learn the Italian idiom "do the math in your pocket". Another interesting thing is that Chinese tradition is just the opposite of Italian tradition, which means the parents will send a house to the son when he gets married(instead of daughter).

Oh, I love "dandy dandelion", and it is a beautiful "alliteration", too.

Thanks to our wonderful Teacher Mark! We all enjoy hanging out with him. I have learned so many new words: baseball diamond, bleachers, dugout, juniper, terminology, etc.

Now I've also known the nuance between bush and shrub. When I see the dry bush later, I can call it a new name -- shrub, right? In fact, it is a blessing to read your long comments. For my sake, your comments are a perfect supplement to Teacher Mark's videos.

Your comments always helped me understand his videos better. Thank you for your mammoth comment again!

@Angela Romeo:
@Gina Fraser
Thanks so very much for your kind compliments, for liking my comments and my Italian Idiom !!
You made me blush!!
I'm overjoyed to hear that my comments give you a hand to understand Mark's videos better!

Thanks for telling me about a Chinese custom!! I didn't know that!! As I said before, parents give a house to their daughters for free,in my neck of the woods!

As for the Italian idiom,I was very worried sick because I didn't know if it'd make sense once it was translated into English because I practically translated it literally!! You know, it's never a breeze to translate Idioms into another language because you never know if it makes sense once translated!! But,I'm now more relieved to know that it made sense translated into English!!

Mark has already talked about bush and shrub in his " Vocabulary Walk in Manuel Antonio" video!! While he mentioned the word Sedan in his very first video of the " Vocabulary Walk" series!!

Mark will be on cloud nine to know that you've learned new vocabulary thanks to him!! The difference between bush and shrub is: Bush and shrub is almost the same in terms of the height and the thickness of the foliage!! What sets it apart is that while the stems and leaves of a bush is usually almost touching the ground, a shrub is a little bit taller but not as tall as a fully grown tree!! Also shrubs have thicken foliage than that of a bush!! A bush may be found in the wild intertwining with other bushes or grasses while a shrub is generally taken cared of and is pruned!!

Again,thanks a bunch for your kind compliments!!

@Gina Fraser:

Hi, I am so happy to read your reply! Thank you for telling me the difference between bush and shrub so much. I have a clear idea about them now. We can say that as usual shrug is pruned, while bush is wild and sprawling, ok? I guess that the trimed holly in the street should be called shrug.

Yeah, your comments always give me a hand! I guess I can understand what you mean about the Italian idiom "do math in the pocket" well. In fact, we would like to judge people by the items they bought. I remember when I was in high school, someday we were told that a female classmate's shoes were worth 100 yuan, and we were all shocked. At that time, it was a big figure for most of us. We couldn't help figuring out how wealthy her family would be.

China is a male-oriented society. You can even say it is a must for parents to buy a house for their sons' marriage because of the tradition. Of course, the daughters from wealthy Chinese family are an exception. They can get the house from their parents for free, too.

Have a good day! I love to share those topics with you.

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