I surprised my mom with a bouquet of flowers!

2년 전


Yesterday was my mom's birthday so I've decided to go home early from review. I didn't finish the lesson in order to go to the mall and buy my Mother bouquet because she deserves it. Lately, she became more tired because not only is she taking care of my brother but me as well. She sleeps late because she waits for me every night to go home from the review center. She also cooks me meals just to keep me healthy and goes with me to the hospital whenever I was not feeling well. She deserves the best!

I also bought two of her favorite books which were quite expensive but I don't mind because I know yesterday was her day and I should make it special. Also, riding the v-hire was very difficult yesterday and I know I cannot go home in time if I took the line so I spent cash again to find an alternate route.

She cried after giving her the flowers and the gifts. Everything was worth it. From the struggles of buying the things to going home, they were worth it because she deserves the best. Blood is blood and I always say to myself family comes first. I hope I made her day special even in my own ways.

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  ·  2년 전

belated happy birthday tita G!!!!!! greet her for me dzai hahahaha mao raba tawn na nag atiman nato tung mga panahon na walang wala ako at nakikitulog lamang 🤣 I wish her all the very best kay we all know its never easy being a mom pero fulfilling at the same time man pud. Hoping to visit again very soonest!! 💕 Send my thank yows and God bless hehe.


HAHAHAH ka remember paka atong nag plates ko unya ikaw sge raka internet2 hahahahaha. fun times, good times. Yes dzai! I will! hahaha #sleepovermoments

  ·  2년 전

yes dzai kaayo hahahahahaha lageee missing those moments jud dzai. Ge lang paspas dra sato pagka engineer kay para kakaon nakog pakals aw hahahaha


huwat ka lang. :)

sure i agree with you, family comes first!!!