Ulog #18- He will provide

2년 전


The song "Even when it hurts" by Hillsong's gotta be one of my favorite songs. I always play it when I am down and I feel like I can no longer get up. Yesterday was the last day of my 3-day exam and I came home full of doubts and worries. I did my very best but I know my best isn't enough.

"God will provide." I always tell this to myself. "He will provide." "He will provide." "He will provide." I am not that kind of person who prays for a perfect score neither the type of person who prays for riches and gold because I know that man should work as if everything depends on man alone and should pray as if everything depends on God alone. When I say "He will provide.", I mean that He will provide me with strength. Strength to keep on going. Strength to praise His name even if I am sinking and I am in the pit of darkness. Strength to understand that whatever I deserve, He will give it to me.

Waking up today, I feel like my heart is full of hatred. I cannot say my usual prayers. I cannot think properly, even with medications I feel like I am sucked up into something I cannot get out of. But there is still hope, I know, "He will provide".


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  ·  2년 전

Ride the waves @reewritesthings and everything will be worth it!
Godbless you always dzai. I know you can always do it! 😘


thanks dzai. As always, laban lang jud ta diring dapita!

  ·  2년 전

trots! go go go der 💕


I know maokay rajud tanan as long as e surrender nato tanan ni Lord

Hoping for the best. Review ni Ree?


yes dzai. huhuhhu. Kulbaan najud btaw ko. Bisan mag review ko always, naa gihapon doubts.