ULOG: 080 Thankful for my son's health

11개월 전

This is supposed to be for my #ulog yesterday but I run out of time to be here.


finally my son is better now and went to school for the last day of the week.

Yesterday I was very thankful to God for the healing of my son, for the whole week my son is sick having high fever, cough, flu and having stomach ache. We went for check up and was advised for admission but since that hospital we went were full and what we did is to go home and buy the medicine as prescribed by doctor.

Seeing my son lose weight and so thin with pale colour makes me worry much. I then call for my mother and asked for help and a pray over for healing and my son recovery. My mothers church friends (mpst of them were my relatives) went to our house and With so much faith that my son will be healed and for the power of prayer my son healed.


We're supposed to go back to school by Thursday 'coz the fever had gone by my son had a very lang sleep and wake up late in the morning make my son have 4 days of absent. And yesterday finally we went back to school.

Thanks God for the healing and so happy for my son recovery. We've been save from admission and lessen medication intake and being back to school is such a great blessing to be thankful

Thanks for dropping by and have time to read. Let's all hold onto our faith and be bless. Keep ulogging and steeming people. God bless


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