ULOG: 081 Helping a friends makes a beautiful sunday and also a refreshing day

10개월 전

Good morning uloggers and steemians friends! Early today around five am my husband wakes me up for he need an assistance. A friend who happens to be my husband's workmates is celebrating fiesta in their barrio and she needed things and help.

(A beautiful view of nature and the fresh air that hugs early morn brings wonderful feeling.)

In response my husband did help her with me backing up. We went to the seaside to get seawater needed upon cooking "saang" (in our dialect) a spider shell its a big kind of shell and is very delicious.


After that we went to buy ice blocks. Then went back to the house of a friend afterwards. I'm so glad we had help her today, she's a very good friend of us and we will come back later tonight for us to join their fiesta celebration (hopefully).


Thanks for dropping by fellows! It is a great and beautiful sunday for me to start this day helping someone in need and also breathing fresh airs from seaside and enjoying the view at cold morning. Some kind of stress reliever experiencing nature early in the morning. Wishing everyone a beautiful and blessed sunday. Keep steeming and ulogging friends. God bless



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Sounds like a good time but would have good to let us see the saang


Later sir if given the chance to be back at my friend's house for dinner. :-)


Hope you have a good dinner.


Hello @ace108 I wasn't able to go back to our friends house, I was waiting for my sister in law to arrived home (she lives with us while continuing her studies )and to watch over my kids sadly she arrived home too late. Make me stay home with my kids and cooked scrambled egg for dinner. No saang for now maybe next time..


Oh well, next time then.