ULOG #7. Today taking care of the neighbor's cat

3년 전
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Visita de gato.jpg

Hello friends, I had told you that I am visiting my grandmother's house, and today they brought me this tender cat to take care of him. He is a very naughty cat, he did not let me play with the computer, I think he is used to working online, hahaha.

Her owner asked my grandmother to take care of him and I offered to do it, I love animals, at home I have a very crazy dog, and too naughty but it is part of our family and I love her very much.

Thanks for reading my Ulog # 7.

Visita de gato2.jpg

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What a nice cat haha! Please, let it use your computer too!

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Well, it's a very nice looking cat! And looks like it is very familiar with "working" on the computer!