Ulog #1 When your vocation is not enough to make a living.

3년 전


(My picture, Caipirinhas made by me)


I stumbled upon the idea of #ulog a couple weeks ago while reading a @surpasinggoogle article, but I always have a hard time finding inspiration to write about anything.

So what to write about?

I'll tell you a bit about myself, I know that's the point of #introduceyourself but hey, Is not that I can say everything about me in a single post.

I am a Bartender not working at the moment but really passionate about it, why not working at the moment you may ask? Easy, my country is in shambles.
It is not worth it to work 10 hours shifts 5 days a week to get paid twice minimum monthly wage, which may sound good for you, but hey, the minimum wage here in Venezuela is BsF 5.000.000 or BsS 5.000, That may sound like a lot, but take into consideration that as of today, Venezuela's inflation is around 48000%, forty-eight thousand.


(Double lever bottle opener Tattoo on my right arm)


To have an idea of how bad the inflation problem is, here is a picture from Feb 03 2017
At that time, a Premium drink was BsF 4500, and the dollar price was around BsF 3300, the minimum wage at the time was around $15 and I earned around $40 a month.

As I said before, minimum wage now is Five million Bolivares Fuertes, but whats the Dollar price now you may ask? here it is a table for comparison

Feb 03 2017Jun 29 2018
BSF 3.322BsF 3.408.671

So, With the minimum wage being a bit more than a single dollar, what's the point of destroying your back working behind a bar?
My dream of becoming a great bartender, surviving out of it and opening my own bar got crushed like an ant getting crushed by an asteroid.

A lot of people have left the country, the streets are all dark and alone. Sometimes I wanna flee too, but is it really the answer to just leave? or should I stay and eat shit?


I joined Steemit with high hopes of it being a tool that might help me survive in this country, I already work online at Humanatic, making around $10 a week. I used to sell World of Warcraft gold until my computer got stolen, now I only have this.
I have mixed opinions about steemit, don't get me wrong, I think it is a great place with lots of potential, but sometimes it seems that your content doesn't matter that much, but only how much influence you have over people, people will mostly follow you if you have high steem power hoping you throw them a like or two and milk that precious SBD by commenting useless stuff on a random whale's post.

Still despite my goal is to grow organically, I really find it hard to stand out from the crowd. I don't really want to start spamming niche content to see what appeals to people, I wanna be a bit more personal and post stuff I find interesting, but what do people find interesting?


Either way, this is my first #ulog! If someone out there is reading this I highly appreciate your time invested in this lecture! Till the next entry guys :). (also, Hello there @cleverbot & @banjo)

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hey, thanks for the tips :D

@everittdmickey I'm trying to follow the tips of your post, i hope it works :)

There really isn't any point. I'm just bored.


what do you usually do when you are bored?


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