ULOG No. 61 Not So Busy Day in the Clinic

2년 전


Rain’s falling every now and then for almost a week or so, the streets were flooded again in our place. Sigh. Weather has been awful for us and it’s more than a month now. August is almost up, I do hope that we will have a fair weather next month. Please be good to us September. :)

I spent my day in the clinic. The doctor was in, but only half day. My day wasn’t hectic at all, we only had 3 patients all morning. The bad weather that we are experiencing is a factor, why patients don’t come for their follow up checkup. They usually postpone their checkup to a more favorable atmosphere, it is understandable anyway.

Have a nice evening everyone.

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Great and valuable information @sn0white!!☺💚💙

hopefully the weather will improve quickly.

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