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I read a post the other day by @SurpassingGoogle. The post Ulogacy: If My Mind Is Leaving Me, Before It Does, I Say; "I So Miss You Mum. May I Be In Paradise. I Want To Be With You Again". (SC 1). touched something so deep inside me that day.

I respect and owe a lot to many on Steemit for being there for me when I needed them. It's now time to not forget about the one person that does so much for so many of us on Steemit.com. He has worn himself out helping so many, one on one, to figure out how to get their accounts, fix their accounts, and most importantly how to keep us all motivated.

He was one of the few that used his large delegation to help so many every day. When he lost that same delegation it hurt but he just kept going and doing what he could for everyone.

@utopian-io also lost their delegation but they gave Steemit Inc. an ultimatum. Within hours @utopian-io received word when they should expect to get their delegation back.

When did helping thousands of people take a back burner to a few? Am I being nieve and the world has always worked this way? If the answer is yes, then I don't want to know.

When all this happened word got out and many posts were written but as time goes on we all forget and go back about our business. This is human nature but let's now be the exception to the rule and see if we can all pull together and help @SurpassingGoogle in any way we can.

SurpassingGoogle is still the only one that takes care of his father, day and night. He still is the only one that has to pay all the bills for his father's medicine. He is now very isolated and needs to know we are all here for him. Let him know that he has our support as he has always supported us.

Let's give @SurpassingGoogle the same HOPE he has always given us!

Make someone smile today. It can not hurt you.



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I love this video!! And its true! We LOVE Terry, and I personally think that he has been a more powerful presence than any dapp yet.

I have some ideas about how we can tie in the great work that @surpassinggoogle has done and continues to do with new projects, the network effect is key.

And I will support any and all efforts to get his official delegation back!


Love You!!! You are the best son ever!!! <3


the funny thing is, that that you have in mind is, in the making. I hope to regain energy soon. my roots are in your chats. I will be there soon. ulog is looking to touch every existing as it can. https://ulogs.org/ulogging

everything is slow. but twill be built all around certified uloggers and will become organically fast. I hope I can do this push. I have never been this slow. but alot is all set now. but I also days away from giving up but I am back up now and snookmademedoit. if I use this and push for one or two days, it can re-begin something. I will push and see. your prayer and love has added to the "made".


You are such a good person, thank you

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He is her son.

Steemit has the potential to be a platform to help so many people and that is what Terry saw in it. He has and continues to do so much, but greed is taking over here on Steemit. Most delegation goes to projects that will only give back to those that delegate to them.

I hope that this post reaches the audience it needs to so that something can be done to help him because he truly has helped more than anyone on this platform. @surpassinggoogle is a person that has really made an impact in this world and in many people's lives.


So very true. He has touched more live's here than anyone in a positive way. THIS should be rewarded and not the other way around. He has proven himself in so many ways. Now let's prove that GOODNESS matters!!!!!

He sure needs the help..... I sent him some SBI...it's not much but every little bit. Re-steemed sister!

Well said and wonderful video @snook. :D We are all better when we help others and @surpassinggoogle is a great example of what it is to help others, no matter what you're going through you're always ready to listen, give advice, whatever is needed you are there and now you know that we are here for you as well, in case you didn't know it before, thanks to this beautiful post by @snook. :D
God bless both of you and your families. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friends! :D

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Thank You so much for stopping by and showing your support!! It means the world to me and I know @surpassingGoogle.


It was my pleasure to visit and share my support to to you both. :D
God bless you and your family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

My heart is stuck and the soul hurts
see the man who gave us his light,
with his deteriorated state of health
and economic difficulties.
even with the withdrawal of his delegation
your projects for the community
have been significantly affected
even so ... the fight.
I know what you've done for him glad your heart....

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Beautiful Snook ❤️


isaria is sweet. thank you.

Wow. That was so beautiful, and heartfelt.

Bright Blessings!


Thank you for your kindness!!! I am very touched it moved you too!


It was and it did something to me and made me do something. please see https://ulogs.org/created/ulog-snookmademedoit

Good on ya sis, he's a stand up guy with my experiences.

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Thank You!! Hugs

I don't know him, but I know you a little. Your assessment is good enough for me. What else can I do besides just vote?

Thanks Snook.


just spread the word.........it's the only thing us small fish can do..........and hope larger ones see.......

Thank you for trusting me!!

Thanks for letting us know! Now that’s true appreciation. I have been sick and today sicker, but from where I am laying will see how much more with what little I have to do more. Greatly appreciate the heads up and the fact this post you’re giving it to him. Upvote and sharing. 👍🏻✌🏻

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thank you for stopping and showing support. I hope you feel better soon!!


Thank you very much very kind of you.

Good luck! How nice to try and help him out!! ♥

~ ❤️ ~

I'm here too @surpassinggoogle, hope your father gets okay soon~

😍 😘 4 @SNOOK S!!!

Baby Snooks 😍 😘


Thank you for all the help!!

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Thank You so very much!!!! <3

His the generous man that ive ever known in this community. A kind hearted which is worthy to gave appreciation. Thank you sir and thank you @snook for wonderful post.

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Thank you for stopping to show your support!!!

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Much welcome maaam

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