My 11th #Ulog - Meeting for Next Distination this Holiday

4년 전

Hey fellow steemians

Yesterday after our office hours me and my co-travelers friends was meet in chicken masskara restuarant, we talk about what we gonna do this coming holiday and that would be on june 12 its called independence day.
So since everyone is no offices we will going to hiking in the place of don salvado benedicto to hours away of travel in the buss from our city.
This is exciting and good exercise also to do this.
Enjoy your life while still young
Enjoy your life while still single
Enjoy your life while still alive
Enjoy your life while still healthy.


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wow! wow! wow!! =p yes.. i agree! yay!! :)

upvote 100% and resteemed.

ps. those dimples tho.. :)