My 8th #Ulog Post -Exercise

4년 전

Good morning everyone,

Early this morning i wake up around at 5am, when my friend call to my phone to tell me we need get up and prepare ourself for exercise, i immediately stand up to my bed and prepare myself.

At around 6:30am we arrive at the panaad stadium, when we already there, there is an event are happening, so we run outside the stadium after couple of ours of running, we join to the sumba group for almost 1hour.

Its really good to exercise our body early in morning because it gives you more energy to do things in your daily life.

We actually do this every sunday only since we have work monday til saturday this is the only day we do exercise, not too bad in one week you can do exercise once.

Photo credit mine:

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Saudações, senhorita Jean

Essas fotos são bem llegais em um local muito bonito. Para mim, qualquer local que possua muita natureza torna-se bonito. Nesse caso, parece que a atuação do homem tornou ainda mais bonito o local, em vez de destruí-lo.

ONde fica esse local em que você está de short laranja e camiseta branca em baixo de umas árvores bem arquitetadas einhg? Fiquei curioso por saber....

Agradeço a postagem e bom dia!

whoa! 3 hours of excercise?! i can only do 1 hour. it's really not fair of u to look so good in those pics tho.. i like ur shorts!! =p


Lol. Cause were not the same i can say im more active than u.


oh yea?? i challenge u who can do more pushups.. =p

Exercise essentially is one of the key actions to be done approve by who--world health organisation. It is one of the vital things we do that make us active on daily basis for daily work...... This is a nice write-up. Keep the good work

Jogging is really nice, a feeling of renewal, I just start it once again tonight😊