Saying goodbye to our babygirl in our office

4년 전

Good day fellow stemians,

I just want to share the side story of our little girl in the office, summer was already ended and she is saying good bye today since the classes will start in a few days.

Her name is francine she is 15 years old grade 8 now, every summer she told to her mom to look for the offices that she can learn about office.

Her mom is our client, since she is a good daughter my boss agree to join with us, she work for 8hours a day just like an office staff too, as i notice to her she learn very fast everytime we gave to her the task she immediately catch up what we really wanted for.

Very smart kid and humble i actually adore her because at the age of that i never think to go into the office, all i wanted before is to play with my co-player. Hahahah

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uh huh. and u still only play all day, right?? =p


Yeah,since our boss is not around.


yup. but its ok. try and smile.. i know its hard for u..