MAIL CALL! And one Hell of a Ramble.

2년 전

20190520_174005 (2).jpg

Here's the mail, it never fails!

It makes me want to wag my tail!

When it comes I want to wail...


Yes, I just sang a song from Blues Clues. No, I will not apologize for it.

Also, I have completely distracted myself from the original reason for the post. Did you know that Steve Burns (Steve from Blue Clues) started a band?

He left the children's television show when he started getting a bit old, thought he couldn't make a future of being a kid's show host, and also... he was losing his hair.

And then there was Joe that took over.

Fuck you, Joe. You aren't Blue's real dad.


Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Mail!

So when I left for Australia, I laid out everything out that I was going to bring with me as fast as I could. I picked out all the things that seemed to have survived the mold. (My yarn stash... did not.)

Also, while I have you here, hot tip:

Never- ever- ever- NEVER... put your furniture flush against your walls.

If you have a leak in your walls, you will not know until it spreads past said furniture. And by then, it is too late.

Dammit. I got sidetracked again. I might... have had a little too much coffee this morning.

As I was saying before my brain so rudely interrupted me:

I remembered to pack my bed canopy. Hair dye. Two (WHY TWO???!!) toothbrushes. Pom pom cat ears (I don't know, man). A full-size drone. A desktop PC. Lasers. A microscope. But what never made it into my bags?

You guessed it.

Not a single piece of my crafting supplies.

Wait, I take that back.

61196424_360361934837732_7248643522666954752_n (3).jpg

Behold. My Vegemite needle minder and sole needle I remembered to toss in.

Embroidery thread? NAH.

Yarn? NOPE.

A single piece of fabric? No fucking way.

My sweater with a swearing kangaroo untangling Christmas lights that has ACTUAL FUNCTIONAL LIGHTS IN IT THAT I BOUGHT SPECIFICALLY FOR WINTER IN AUSTRALIA? Forgot that, too.

So now I am rebuilding my craft stash from nothing. Which is exciting, really. And I will purchase things that I will actually use since everything here is so bloody expensive. No longer will I hoard floss and yarn thinking "maybe someday I will make something with this". I actually will have to plan projects.

God help me.

So my first purchase was knitting needles off ebay. Did you know ebay is still a thing? It is still a thing. And is way more affordable than Amazon is over here. Also, cheaper than the craft stores that want $25 for one set of needles. $10 AUD, free shipping, and a buy now button has gotten me EIGHTEEN PAIRS.

And in sizes I will actually use in circulars. First up? @sammosk's blanket I never finished. Maybe I will even finish it before winter ends over here.


Welp. This is a shitshow of a post.

Cold medicine + five cups of coffee = whatever the hell this turned into.

But if you made it this far I shall now reward you:

Enjoy a song by Steve Burns! Not as catchy as the songs from Blue's Clues, but I still like it.

Gif credit to giphy, Music video credit to Steve Burns or Youtude. However you want to slice it.


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This was almost like a glimpse into my own maniacal mind..not meant to offend,lol. Ebay, Blues Clues & coffee/cough medicine mix... 'mazing.


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Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @sunravelme.

Hey stichy!
What do you think of vegemite? do you like how it tastes?


Okay, story time. The first time I had vegemite @sammosk didn't tell me what to do. He sat back, smirking, while I spread it on a piece of toast like peanut butter.
We were on an overnight train and it was for breakfast.
The only thing the entire car heard was some crazy American girl screaming "OH GOD! IT TASTES LIKE AQUAMAN'S BALLS!"

Ok... cold medicine and coffee seems to have interesting side effects :-DD (But I hope you get well soon) And these mould on furniture problem I also had... someone had hammered unknowingly a nail into a pipe in the wall and for months water seeped into a wooden wardrobe 😱😱😱
But moulding yarn - a horrible image, I hope you will never have this problem again.
So, at least I wish you joy with your knew knitting needles and I am looking forward to the things (perhaps the blanket) you will make with them.

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I wish you both much mirth and it would be cool to see a toilet flush the other way

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