#Ulogs -05/04/2018 good news but accompanied with bad news : free training but Unlimited Headaches

4년 전

(Cannot show perfect pictures just read it If you wanted too how I am doing today………….)

Sound’s good when your company offer a free training we both parties can benefits both where my company invest money for me to train so I can give them more quality works and for me is just grabbing the opportunities from the word free or I called it “Free education with salary even I need to sign a contract rendering one year return of service.


This training give me headaches, first(1) the person in charge making the budget proposal for approval was miscalculated, just Imagine I need to find a place where to sleep with food to eat within 12 days of my training but according to his proposal budget that has already signed to the management that I was reading right know I noticed she/he not included Saturday and Sundays turning total of 10 days he/she was short/… OPppppps.. I am the one who will attend to the training not him/her. But problem now is solved I need to use my own wallet then make a request for reimbursement, sounds like hassle when I go home….. ^^

Second(2) I will not end my night today without finding a play to stay with low rates, It`s all first time I have no credit card to book hotels the only thing for now Is to SEARCH – I mean “ PERFECT SEARCH” the fixed rates in order I may not be hassled once I will arrive at the airport easy to call and bump to a taxi reciting the address where I want to go.

Thirdly (3) during my searching, I want a hotel/pension house near for my allocated training address in order I will not get lost. Hassle is everywhere the bad thing is when I find hotels travel site give good offers but when I visit there official site “WOW” expensive I cannot afford it.. blahh blaah blaah and now I am slepppy… but aint not going to bed need to done this….

The Good Thing is

If I will get through on this (survive), add a little patience with asking baon (pocket money) to my parents just in case in the long run I could use these issued certificated for future purposes as well to improve my capabilities.

In Short, I will end my night today searching when I find a good hotel with low rates and good previews posted to our co-people…..


NO SLEEP if OBJECTIVES FOR Today is not been done, Tomorrow is another day.

Sorry it was so blur (not picture but the text) stating my insight for today for you, all are not allowed to be mentioned for privacy purposes so it kinda semi-detailed but don`t worry we are all mentioning all about me

I SHARE My experience on this
TRIP starting this SUNDAY till next FRIDAY

2 week for an experience
1st visit on manila
1st ride on a plane

Let’s see how this travel goes I called it gaining Knowledge plus meet and great new/ old friends = FUN

Thank you for dropping by........

@syntax3rrorcodec I am new but I hope I can see fun in here......^^

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